Live as the Question

We’ve all been taught to not ask so many questions. “You must have the answer”, we’re told from an early age. You’ve probably also heard, “Stop asking so many questions.”

The fourth key in the book, “The Ten Keys to Total Freedom” ( by Gary Douglas, is “Live as the Question.” This is very powerful once you get it and start to practice it.

As a being in this reality, we’re supposed to have the answer. The problem with having “THE” answer, is that it closes us down to other possibilities. It creates a limitation.

You see, an answer defines a fixed quantity or quality. A question opens up the energy for more possibilities. In Access, when you ask a question, you’re not looking for a specific answer, you are just opening up the energies for greater possibilities.

What if you were to start your day with a simple question like, “Who am I and what grand and glorious adventure will I have today?”

Let’s break it down. When you ask, “Who Am I?”, you are starting from a point of no definition of you. On this planet it is appropriate to define yourself as something or someone.

When you define yourself as something and another possibility shows up in your life, you don’t have the freedom to choose. You have to decide or determine if this possibility fit into who you have defined yourself to be. You might say, “Well, I could never do that, because, I am a __________ (fill in the blank).”

You’ve created a limitation. You could be or choose something more, something greater. But, you don’t. You have defined yourself as such and such and limited yourself. You could open the energy for more possibilities by asking a simple question. “What else is possible?” or “How does it get any better than this/that?”

The first step to living as the question is to ask questions. If you keep asking questions, you’ll get to a point where you’re being the question and suddenly the need for question ceases because you are functioning from the question called, absolute awareness.

Your whole life becomes about being the question. How many times have you been ridiculed or ignored for asking too many questions? Do you remember when you were young and curious? You found joy in being inquisitive. What would it take to get back to that space of being? That space of joy?

I was in an Access Body class one time and I had this pain going on in my right hip. The facilitator reminded me to go into question. Specifically, the four questions. These four questions can be used in any situation to change anything. He asked me to repeat the four questions, ten times. Don’t look for an answer, just notice the energy that comes up.

What is this? What do I do with it? Can I change it? And if so, how can I change it?

After the sixth time of repeating the questions, the pain had left. Just like that! Magic!

So, if you’re looking to change your life to something greater with more possibilities, start living as the question.

What will it take for miracles to show up in your life?

Dave Miller

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About the writer: Dave Miller

David Miller 248-770-9154. David is presently a Certified Access Consciousness Bars™ Facilitator and Certified Body Process facilitator. Teaches Bars Classes and does individual healing sessions, a student of personal growth since the early 1970’s, offering Pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now with Access Consciousness®

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