The Sacred Circle of the Family System – Rooted in Reality


Family Systems Constellation could be called, a ceremony which opens doors to opportunity. Through ‘Opportunities for Love’ (sometimes referred to as, Orders of Love) we are able to experience trans-generational blocks to wholeness.

A woman feels a fear about traveling. Somewhere she has images of exotic locations and a wish for adventure; friends warmly invite her to join them in rare vacation bargains and she is unable to move. In a constellation, something stands between her and travel. When the ‘barrier’ describes itself, the description resonates with a memory she has of an uncle who went overseas and never returned. Honoring this uncle, the fear and anxiety of his family who were impacted by his loss and the whispered family stories about the dangers of travel, this woman is able to identify that her pervasive fears are not of her own making, and in fact, not at all based upon her personal experience. Something is released. New things are possible.

Family Systems Constellation workshops involve community. We are not alone. As human beings, we are connected in our need to belong; and being in Circle with others who are aware of that birthright of belonging, sets long wished-for healing in motion. Fellow travelers from the healing circle stand as representatives for persons or barriers in the life of one who has been unable to find solutions through other means. The representatives, with the support of a facilitator, begin to become conduits to understanding of hidden dynamics which have prevented the flow of love, or hindered the movement of joy in one’s life.

In Family Constellation Workshops it is not unusual for folks to return home to find that their connections with others have improved. Family members who have been distant, spontaneously call on the telephone, and the eyes of those who were estranged are oftentimes more engaged. We now know that healing at a distance has been proven again and again. Daniel J. Benor, MD has reviewed volumes of healing at a distance thru research projects.[1] The evidence is in, but our collective institutions still have to reconcile that their crumbling constructs need to stretch, breathe, and have the courage to reach for the inner knowing that is being remembered by so many.

Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist, has done a considerable amount of work to explain and confirm that family groups and social groups are connected through morphic ‘fields’ and has been familiar with family constellations for some time. [2] His work supports the existence of an actual connection within biological groups, and families, not just a ‘perceived’ definition of connection based upon our personal experience or beliefs.

Family Systems Constellation now has specific research which has confirmed its efficacy [3] in a 2013 paper published by the Heidelberg Institute: Improving Experience in Personal Social Systems through Family Constellation Seminars: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial. Institute for Medical Psychology, Center for Psychosocial Medicine, University Hospital Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany. This paper confirmed the positive effects of systems constellation work, which had been gaining traction world-wide.

At our core we know we are part of a family. Our concepts and experiences may not play that out, but biology rules the day. At the level of the soul, we have a part which transcends the limits of constricted paradigms. Our hearts, the ‘soul’ of our family system, call us to expand in an effortless way. Like taking a deep breath, allowing oxygen into our lungs, being open to the movement toward love is revolutionary. This is how we will change the world. One open heart. One family soul at a time.

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Francesca Mason Boring


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