Stone of the Month: Chlorite


Chlorite, when by itself, is a conglomerate of various minerals; the most common is the green clinochlore or in it’s gemmy form commonly known as, serafinite. When chlorite is inside of quartz crystal it is called an inclusion or phantom. The various minerals in chlorite can be found in many shades of greens and purples.

The many layers and levels within chlorite phantoms or inclusions are a reflection of the many different people we will be in this one lifetime, providing insight to changes that can be made to promote inner peace. Chlorite is an excellent stone to use in meditation, connecting us with angelic guidance and the nature kingdom, bestowing the highest forms of guidance and information for ourselves, as well as how to help the earth heal. It is a great stone to use to amplify our intentions to help bring the Earth to better balance and harmony.

It helps us center our heart in tune with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, reminding us of our symbiotic relationship with her. When used in chakra balancing these stones will assist one in optimal balance and health via successfully aligning ones vibration and physical aspects with our highest soul energy. As the facilitator, it can also aid in connecting with our healing guides. Chlorite can be a great benefit at this time, as the Earth goes through her changes; being symbiotic in nature we too are effected. We can pray and intend for the earth to be in perfect balance and harmony as she goes through her changes, and that we will be equally balanced in our ascension process.

As the earth is changing and ascending, so are our beliefs and ways of doing things. These crystals are bringing in new energies, helping us to be open to new ideas, ways, beliefs and suggestions that will be beneficial through our evolution, centering our hearts in love. Crystals amplify our thoughts and intentions, so they can be very beneficial in sending healing energies to the earth; chlorite crystals are excellent for doing this.

Sit in a comfortable position and take three deep breaths, allowing yourself to be centered now. Think of a place on Earth where you would like to send healing energy. Hold the crystal in your giving hand. Bring your attention to your heart space, allow for a deep healing unconditional love to build up in your heart, and see it forming a big bubble of pink gold light. When your gold pink bubble is full of so much healing it can’t hold anymore, visualize the bubble of healing light moving down from your heart, down your arm into and out of the chlorite crystal in your hand to wherever it is needed most. Have fun!

Jennifer Vanderwal


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