Why weight doesn’t just stay off


If you tried changing to a more natural lifestyle to lose weight while using a nutritional program, and if you are still having problems with stubborn weight that won’t come off, your body is probably experiencing a slowing down of vital organs also known as, aging. Along with the weight gain usually comes other health issues which may be affecting you mentally and physically. This could manifest itself as fatigue, indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and a host of other symptoms. Your body is trying to tell you something.

Don’t get disappointed if your health and weight problems don’t disappear overnight when you’re switching over to a better diet to lose weight or if you still don’t feel better when you switch over. Your health may flip-flop for awhile.

You should understand that after many years of eating processed foods, your body may not be able to process good whole foods very well. This may be because your body is bogged down with old toxins. To handle this, I suggest that you use a purification system which uses whole natural organic rich enzyme and mineral foods to strengthen your organs as well as green foods to create healthier blood. You will also need a cleanser to pull the old toxins out of the intestinal tract.

To lose weight it is important to eat your biggest meal early in the day. It is best to exercise in the morning before you eat or a few hours after you eat so that your body is NOT working on two things at the same time.

The key to feeling better when you suffer from tiredness is eating moderate amounts of protein that contain some fat such as macadamia nuts, walnuts, and pecans as well as avocados. The protein helps the adrenals, which acts as an energy source and helps with sugar cravings. Good fats are also very important, while fat burns slower it helps you maintain sustained energy.

So remember, you won’t gain weight on good fats and this also helps sugar cravings. Proteins and fats will also help you experience a feeling of well-being and mental balance.

In addition, I always recommend deep muscle work and skeletal posture work to get the electrical system and the “lumps and bumps” out of the body. Reshaping the body and getting the hump off the back of the neck makes a person look many years younger, so that the body can take off the excess weight easily and naturally and help bring it back to a more natural shape.

Dr. Linda Solomon


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