Know What’s in Your Supplements?


Helpful Tips for Reading the Labels and Knowing What to Avoid

Many people are very conscious about their food choices when grocery shopping and are very dedicated to reading
the labels, but what about when it comes to your vitamins and supplements?

Educating yourself and knowing what to look for when it comes to buying supplements is equally, if not more important.

Going by the claims that are on the labels is not really a reliable source of information. Personally, I am astounded
at the shelves that are filled with vitamins and supplements that are touted as healthy, yet they contain fillers and
anti-caking agents that either cancel out the benefits of the product or they are just downright unhealthy.

For example, steer clear of magnesium stearate. Magnesium stearate is a very common ingredient found in many supplements.
It is a flow agent with lubricating properties to prevent ingredients from sticking to manufacturing equipment and is found in capsules, powders and tablets. Magnesium stearate becomes solid at room temperature and it is not water soluble. In the manufacturing of magnesium stearate, oils are used that are derived from hydrogenated animal or vegetable sources, most commonly cottonseed oil which is high in pesticides as well as being genetically modified.

Calcium stearate is another flow agent which is also not water soluble and is also used in lubricants and surfactants.
It is used as a waterproofing agent for fabrics as well as an ingredient in pencils and crayons. The problems with these types of ingredients other than the obvious, is that they can create a biofilm in the body and can prevent the body from properly absorbing nutrients.

Titanium Dioxide is another common ingredient which is used for pigment – the color white. Titanium dioxide is a metal which is also used in paints, varnishes, paper and plastic products as well as sunscreens. Titanium dioxide should be avoided as it is a metal that can impair function in the immune system.

Also avoid anything that contains soy. Soy is generally very heavily sprayed with pesticides and has gone through
a lot of processing.

These are just a few very common ingredients that are best avoided. After all, the point is that you are trying to promote your health and do good things for your body.

“A Healthy Body Is A Wealthy Soul!”

Karyn Choate


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