Effortless Magnificence


Effortless Magnificence

“Oh God. Let me see the truth of Who I Am. No matter how beautiful it is.” Michael Beckwith, Leader of Agape International Spiritual Center, July 6, 2015.

You are already whole…already brilliant. You have simply forgotten the truth of your being. You are a precious soul, unique with all the qualities of Creation, and at the same time, you are immersed in the absolute. You are both individual and universal. When you let the collective unconscious seep into your brain, you come to believe the cultural, family, or societal lies about your limitations. When you are trapped in these beliefs, you further bind yourself by trying to fix what is not broken. You can grow as much (or more) through joy and inspiration as you can through pain and perspiration.
Many times I have heard this frustration spoken in sessions and retreats, “I know all my patterns…I know all my stories…now what!?” This is because we have forgotten that we energetically engage with something when we are trying to figure out. Once you are aware of something, the LESS you do, and the quicker it heals.
We have many strategies or healing methods to choose from…everything from personal growth teachings to books. Each method has its value. But when we are anxiously looking for something to fill us or tell us what is true, we deny the wisdom waiting within. You are your own medicine. Be a student to your own brilliance.
There is a cultural assumption that if we break something into parts we will come into greater understanding (reductionist theory). Based on Newtonian and mechanistic laws, this approach allows for scientific discoveries such as the functionality of the body. But when applied to the mind and heart, it leads to the feeling of being weighed down with long lists of patterns and neuroses to fix.
When you approach yourself with a desire to change all your perceived imperfections, you discover all sorts of little things to fix. If you keep looking for the next pattern, story or behavior to change, you will never run out of things to work on.
Start from a place of wholeness. God reveals Itself as you. You are already amazing. You are beauty. When you open to feeling even a taste of your True Self, you will become even more giving of your gifts, joy, and love. Selfishness and narcissism come from a place of feeling broken and empty, with a need to fill the dark void you feel within. Be willing to know how wonderful you are, and life will reflect this inner fullness by meeting your needs. When you surrender to feeling your innate fullness, your eyes see the abundance waiting to be seen.
When you approach self-improvement, religion, and spirituality with a belief that you lack something, they become like illnesses. Understanding these structures may lead you to what you already have, but they don’t give you anything. Your beginning intent will shape the result, as well as how you feel. When you start from an intent to improve, get closer to God, or become more spiritual, you unintentionally confirm your brokenness. You have It, you are God, and everything about you is spiritual. You are loved as you are. You are love.
Yield to your own brilliance. In the Self-Acceptance Process, we seek to help you to open, let go, and yield to who and what you already are. This is a tremendously different approach than cultural mechanistic ideology or Freudian based psychology. Perfectionism is the antidote to happiness. Personal growth is the wet blanket to the fire of your Soul. Stop trying to fix yourself and BE yourself.
In sessions and retreats, we raise the energy (chi, Reiki, Holy Spirit, Prana) with a beginning intent of self-love held firmly in the energetic prayer field, and we welcome a gentle yield to our True Essence. The wave of energy that builds from beginning in wholeness and radical self-acceptance brings up whatever needs to come up. This container of self-love allows whatever rises to be alchemized through the raised energy. If someone approaches their growth with a shovel ready to dig (to get to the bottom of things) they will end up…at the bottom.
It is almost traumatic for someone to learn about their patterns, diagnoses, and issues without teachings of their innate innocence. Psychological labels confirm the illusion of brokenness or sinfulness. Though this approach keeps the system running, it confirms the limited identity as patient, or sinner.
All our darkness, patterns and issues, are to avoid our true and amazing Self. What we call our core block is actually the bridge to our magnificence IF approached from an intent to love all parts of oneself. When we approach ourselves with a need to analyze these parts and apply more mental labels, we end up feeling more fragmented. The power of the Self-Acceptance Process is in its universality and incredible simplicity.
You are here to reveal Creation or God in ONLY the way you can. God is not in everything, God IS everything. It is human arrogance to deny our divinity. Letting go to our wholeness requires releasing our grip on all our limited self-identities (gender, religion, diagnosis, occupation, etc.) and this is why self-love is very scary to us. Self-love takes a warrior’s heart. What is called weak in the general cultural consciousness is actually powerful. A willingness to know your own divinity requires a mental surrender of what is known. You know your cultural and self-imposed labels; the unknown is your greatness.


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