How to free yourself through your creative bliss


How to free yourself through your creative bliss

Do you feel you are all alone in your pain?
Do you feel your hardships are so insurmountable that you will never find your happiness?
Do you feel that even if you try, there is no hope for you, that your handicaps will always keep you down?

I am so, so sorry you are hurting. I know you feel lost, uncertain and afraid. You feel that no one understands you and what you are going through. Perhaps you even feel you have no one to turn to and your situation is beyond hope.

I know how you feel because I have been where you are and I am here to personally tell you that you are not alone. Your situation is not hopeless and you can even find your joy.

As someone who has personally suffered due to the negative consequences of abuse, compounded by severe genetic learning disabilities, please let me be your guide. Let me share with you how I overcame and continue to overcome my impediments, working to become happy, healthy and whole by following my creative bliss.

It is my hope to give to you, via this continuing article series, knowledge, tools and techniques for you to be able to follow your own creative bliss.

I leave you today with this very personal, inspirational message: You can overcome your obstacles! I am living proof! I am severely dyslexic and have been ever since I can remember, and can’t spell to save my life… and punctuation, forget about it!

Yet despite all that, I wrote this article. If I can, so can you!

In my next article, your journey begins with: Acknowledge your feelings, acceptance and rebirth.

Till we met again,
Abby Lippet


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