Higher Self Channeling


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Higher Self Channeling

Tap into the Wisdom of Your Higher Self

What if you could channel the wisdom of your Angels, Guides and Higher Self to learn your soul’s purpose and improve your life? What if you could get this information straight from the source? Spiritual hypnotherapy is a way of doing just that. You can actually tap into the etheric plane of consciousness and open a higher communication where you are guided to ask the questions you seek answers to.

In his book, “Vibrational Medicine”, Dr. Richard Gerber refers to the Higher Self as the Super Conscious mind that understands the predicaments of our lives, even when consciously we don’t. According to Gerber, “The Higher Self holds the solutions to many of our problems because it’s able to see from a perspective that goes beyond the mundane day to day obstacles that we encounter. The Higher Self is also aware when we’re holding ourselves back from our true potential.”
What is Your Higher Self?

· Your Higher Self is that part of you that is all wise and all knowing.
· It has been with you since the very beginning of your soul’s existence.
· It always has your best interest in mind and at heart.
· Your Higher Self loves you unconditionally, no matter what.

Through my years of teaching spiritual hypnosis, I have put together a hypnosis process that helps people tap into the wisdom of their Higher Self. Through Higher Self communication people are guided to connect with the Masters, Guides, Angels, and/or Light Beings that can give them some insight and understanding as to the issues they are addressing. Because this work incorporates higher aspects of their being, information comes forth easily. The information channeled is very wise, yet short, concise and easy to understand. I find it to be a much quicker and gentler form of therapy. People have reported that major problems have been resolved in very few sessions.

One of my friends came to me with a problem related to an unfair court case involving her daughter. She said that before she began the process with me, she feared she would not be able to channel her Higher Self.

After the process she said, “I was wrong. I was there as a witness as words came out of my mouth. Some of which I knew was true consciously – that I am too emotional, too impatient and to Let Go and Let God, and have more faith that Truth Will Prevail. But Cheryl does not stop there. She continued to ask my Higher Self — HOW DOES SHE DO THAT? The reply was that I am tightening up my energy around the situation by going over the problem over and over in my thoughts, also that I have a blockage. I got instructions to watch for a sign, and my spirit guides are here with me and I am not listening.

I could feel the presence of several guides. Cheryl continued on – Is there anything else for me to do? The reply was to stay healthy and that they will help me to control my blood pressure. Cheryl asked my guides if they will help me. They said that they will, and that I must be more open to healing. I agreed I would. I felt something dissolving inside of me, and tears rushing down my face. It was also communicated that it is not going to take as long as we think and there may be a solution in the near future.

Cheryl did not stop there, but asked, What is there for my daughter to know and do? With the help of Cheryl’s prodding there were several suggestions about staying strong and seeing this through. The suggestion for us both was to envision peace around the situation instead of controversy. This particular court hearing went our way. I feel the session helped me with my health and my attitude tremendously. I do not believe that the court case went our way because of guides or anything like that, but because the TRUTH PREVAILED as they said it would, which was not the case at the previous hearings.”
A session with another client was very different; she wanted to know about her soul’s purpose. She said that, “The hypnosis with Higher Self Channeling has helped tap into information from my true source.” She now understands her soul’s purpose and how to move forward with her day-to-day living, her career and current challenges.
Sometimes people will communicate primarily with their Higher Self and sometimes the communication may be with the Masters, Angels or Guides. There have been times when the Higher Self will communicate with the Higher Self of a loved one who has passed on. This type of hypnotherapy gives opportunity for healing and resolving issues at the etheric level and a much higher level of consciousness.

Text Box: Cheryl Beshada is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master Instructor. She teaches Higher Self Channeling at the Clinical Hypnosis Institute and sees people for private sessions at Clinical Care Network in Warren, MI. Call Cheryl at (586) 899-9009 for your free phone consultation to see if Higher Self Channeling is right for you. Visit: www.ClinicalHypnosisInstitute.com Hypnosis Classes begin September 27.


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