How the Simple Act of Being Present Can Change Everything


How the Simple Act of Being Present Can Change Everything

Pat and I recently facilitated our program entitled 28 Days to Presence. It is a daily program designed to bring increasing amounts of Presence into your everyday life. What astounded us is how so little time and so little effort brought about so much change in the participant’s lives. Let me give you a few examples.

· One participant shared how her attitude toward others was less reactive and she found herself being more compassionate.

· With excitement and revelation, one woman exclaimed how she finally realized it was all about the ‘story’. Let go of the story and you can be happy.

· One man spoke of a passion for living that he had not experienced in quite some time.

· Even though none of the participants declared increased prosperity as their goal for the program, 75% of them did so. One person received six new clients for her small business, another picked up a lucrative project assignment, and yet another an unexpected check for $1,380, and still another a free all-expense paid trip to Iceland. Prosperity comes in many forms.

The gifts of Presence take many forms. But how do we get present?

The answer is simple. We must let go of the hold the past and future have over us. As the participant above said, “We must let go of the stories.” It is these energies that keep us from being present and enjoying our current life experiences.

Stories take thousands of forms but they share the common energy of being in the past or future. The stories repeat in our mind and filter everything we experience, think and believe. The repetitive power of past thought is like a boulder rolling down a hill. Every tumble is the same thought replaying itself in your mind. It is seemingly impossible to stop, but it is not as hard as it seems.

You must search the mind for the dark corners where these stories reside. Stop giving life to the story. “I hear you Dave, BUT … my uncle molested me, my dad abused me, my wife divorced me, my boss fired me, my kids, the government, if only ….” Such thinking makes you a victim of life and declares that you are powerless to change anything. You become a prison of the past and can, therefore, never enjoy the Presents of Presence.

Therefore, the first step is to acknowledge there is a story. Next ask, “What is so valuable to me in holding on to this story that I am willing to deny myself a happier and more abundant life?”

The answer is not as important as the question. The question initiates a movement of energy that heretofore was stagnant. With the energy now moving, breathe the story awake. The breath automatically brings you into the present moment. It also introduces a higher vibrational energy that can uplift the story to where it has less of a hold on you. At the same time while breathing, breathe the story into the heart. Allow love to soften and transform, forgive and set free your spirit. In this state of Presence you are also in a state of allowing. All good things can now come to you with grace and ease, joy and peace.

This very simple prescription works. Few, however, despite the desire for a better life, will even try it. And those that do try it will likely not apply it consistently or give up before transformation occurs. This is why a program such as our 28 Days to Presence, offered in a group setting, can get the results mentioned earlier.

Remember, it is the story that is holding you back. Coming into the present moment is the next step in the evolution of humanity, the movement from 3rd to 4th dimensional energies. If you find yourself in the drama and chaos of life, view it is as gift, a signal that you are not in the present moment. Then, remember to breathe. You cannot be in your story if you are consciously breathing. Nothing puts you in the present moment more quickly, more simply or more powerfully than a conscious breath.

Please join Pat and I for this month’s meditation, The Transformative Power of Presence, Thursday, July 30 at 9pm EDT on May the blessings of Presence fill your life with good health, happiness, prosperity, love and peace.

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