Breaking the Myth… Ionized Alkaline Water


Recently, I wrote an article on Ionized Alkaline Water referred to in the medical research journals as ERW water or Electrolyzed Reduced Water. Many questions have come up about the cost, validity and value of such water.
Is this ERW water really expensive? See the chart below and do your own math. I say no! Purchasing a device which makes ERW water can save you money. Let’s take a family of 2 adults and 2 children who purchase and drink only bottled water. The recommended daily amount of water is half our body weight in ounces. So, a 200 lb. male adult should be drinking about 100 oz. per day. The average family of 4 should consume about 14 gallons of drinking water per week. Based on these facts, look at the chart below to see annual bottled water costs based on these estimates.
* Includes cost of cleaning and filter replacement
The leading Ionizer company based out of Japan has been producing units for over 15 years for the home, and 41 years for commercial facilities including many hospitals. The performance and reliability of these units has been documented and written about in many journals. In Japan, the unit is classified as a “medical device”. The above chart demonstrates that the cost of ERW water is less expensive than bottled water. Some people drink tap water but the above unit does filter your tap water to remove chlorine and other contaminants prior to the Ionization process, but leaves in essential minerals. The above chart only demonstrates the water drinking costs; what if the unit could save you money on cleaning too?
The above referenced Ionizer is approved by the National Restaurant Association for cleaning and disinfecting food, utensils and restaurant facilities. This unit makes a 2.5 or lower pH water called Strong Acidic. This water has been shown to kill bacteria including MRSA, E-Coli and more in 30 seconds or less. When used in your own home, the strong acidic water can take the place of cleaning chemicals to disinfect your counters, cutting boards, bathrooms and kitchens. Cuts and wounds on the skin can heal safely and kill bacteria when soaked in this water.
Other benefits include the unit making a strong alkaline water with a pH of 11 to emulsify oil, break down stains in clothing and carpets, remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables and help reduce acne. This appliance can also create water to help rehydrate the skin, cook, and replace products for cleaning windows.
When you add up the savings by replacing many of our cleaning products in addition to the drinking water, the unit on average saves a family of 4 between $45-$100 per month. Many customers finance the appliance just as they would other equipment in their home, affording them a positive cash flow for many years. This chart estimates a 15 year life span, although the manufacturer says that with proper maintenance the equipment has user-replaceable parts and can last even longer.
If you’re unsure about the benefits of this water, I suggest you check out: and search “ERW Water” to see some of the research on this water. I also suggest that you take a 2 week free trial of the water. Natural Recharge in Bloomfield Hills offers such a trial, as well as free education on the differences between bottled, tap and reverse osmosis waters.
Today, many professional sports teams and athletes are seeing the benefits of this water including players on the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Rockets, and others. Some doctors in the medical community have focused on wound care and brain injuries using ERW water.
The concept behind ERW water is to restore the water to its original properties in “nature” and allow us to benefit from the anti-oxidant, alkaline properties needed for our bodies. The water is not “sold” as a medical cure or as a replacement for any advice from your doctor. However, being properly hydrated can have remarkable benefits on the body’s ability to heal itself. Start drinking clean filtered ERW water from a reliable source to see if you can taste or feel the difference when properly hydrated. Warning: you might just like the results!


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