Stepping Out of Anxiety and Fear


Many of my clients struggle with different types of fear; everyone has some type of fear but when it gets to the point that it causes anxiety and holds them back from their good and greatness, it needs to be seen and understood.
Fear is born of uncertainty — it’s a scary feeling of not knowing and not being in control over something or someone. When a person is under fear, a stream of negative thoughts start to take place. The person entertains different scenarios of chaos, pain failure and negativity. However, this is not happening in real life. This is happening at the level of mind and is damaging to the quality of life. Unpleasant feelings impact the physical body, the mind, and the behavior of the person, making them feel anxious and having low tolerance. In many cases, the person is reactive or highly sensitive to what others say or do, and drains their energy levels. It is also common that a person in fear stops doing things or taking action, and they become paralyzed to avoid pain.
We need to understand the different types of fear and how to bring out our authority and domain when fear arises. There are two types of fear: Real fear under a life threatening or dangerous situation, and the imaginary fear that takes place in your mind. There is a big difference between being in a room alone with a tiger, and thinking you are in a room with a tiger. This type of fear that happens in your mind, as thoughts or imagining that something negative is going to happen, is an imaginary fear, but your entire body feels it as real. Imaginary fear is an effect of some old limiting belief that is rooted in you and get’s triggered by conditions that are seemingly close to confirm what you most fear.
Since Mind and Body are interconnected, it’s no surprise then, why people get anxious. When we fear something, our behavior changes and it impacts the way we interact with others. We are more reactive, defensive, worried and anxious. We are out of the present moment, believing in our fear and rooting ourselves in a deep spiral of unpleasant emotions.
So what can you do to stop this dynamic fear? First, recognize that there is no tiger in the room — that the tiger is in your mind. Second, understand this is a pattern, a behavior that you learned many years ago and it is not your truth. The same way you learned this behavior, you can unlearn it. Once you recognize that it is ‘not real’ and is only in your mind, radically put this pattern aside; start by believing in good and the certainty of good in your mind.
It is fundamental to start believing that you deserve Good and you are able to expand your capacity to receive it at this very present moment. It is important that you also develop new habits towards this new way of thinking. It is a process and a self-training that will feel like a struggle at first, switching from the unpleasant to the pleasant; but the reality is that your focus and attention affects the way you feel.
As you work at stepping out of fear, you must embrace and believe that good things are coming to you. Expect good and open yourself to new possibilities, trusting that life supports you and those around you. It is important to keep yourself aligned with your desires.

Lucienne Larrabure

Emotional Educator | Life Transforming Coaching Programs Producer | Speaker | Licensed Spiritual & Metaphysical Teacher | Master Life Coach & Mentor for Women Startup Business 248 -957-1545


  1. Lucienne,
    Thanks so much for sharing. It was good to hear this again. I remember that you had talked about it in one of our four sessions this past June, and practicing the techniques you suggest to step out of fear have helped me a lot.
    What you mention here about fear is so true…


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