Giving Thanks


Giving thanks starts with self. Each person must be grateful for what he/she has as a person, not just in the material sense. Everyone has a health journey and spiritual path that starts with self-enlightenment.

It is said that one must love oneself before one can love others. The most common error we make in life is to fail to recognize our own abilities and accept our own achievements.
Acknowledge yourself for who you are and what you have accomplished.

Following recognition of self is the gratitude and appreciation that we have for those in our family who love and support us. We are most thankful for the family ties we have. For some, these are their most important relationships.

Once we acknowledge family, be grateful for the groups we have and are involved with. From our church groups, to our friends, co-workers and casual acquaintances, we are thankful for the loving and caring relationships we have created together.

Here at TLC we are thankful for the great support we have had over the years from all the various groups in our area. Most of all we are thankful for being given the opportunity to both help and to serve others. We have been blessed with people who have assisted us as we have assisted them. We are thankful for all the encouragement, guidance and support we have received.

Our greatest thanks goes to all our patients who over the years have blessed us with an incomparable friendship. At TLC we strive to live up to our name. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality holistic wellness care to those seeking improved health and vitality; changing lives for the better.

We encourage you to give thanks this holiday season for the family and groups that have influenced your life. Share with others and help those less fortunate, thereby giving them the opportunity to give thanks too.

Join TLC Holistic Wellness as we help the non-profit organization Ways to Family Self Sufficiency in Livonia raise food items and turkeys to feed 1000 local families. Contact TLC to find out how to help.

Written by Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, D.C. with Dr. Sherry Yale, D.C. who now owns TLC Holistic Wellness in Livonia. She has provided holistic and nutritional recommendations using diet and whole food supplements for 26 years as a practicing chiropractor, holistic-wellness consultant. Visit for more information and to learn about our free public workshop on muscle testing, or call (734) 664-0339.


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