The Human Aura


Part I of a Series about Auras

All physical life is a product of spiritual energies, of which an aura is a part. The aura, or energy field, is often thought of as surrounding the physical body, where in fact, the physical body is the densest part of the aura and the product of the lighter energy fields which surround it. This diagram of the human aura would give you the impression that an aura looks like a rainbow, but when you perceive the aura, it doesn’t appear to be layered, it appears as one energy field.
A sensitive person can focus on each distinct layer and experience how they are each very different.

Each auric layer interpenetrates and influences all layers below it. The four highest layers of our personal aura continue beyond this individual incarnation and continue to evolve through each lifetime. They are shaped like an egg with the smaller side down. They carry influences from other lifetimes, both spiritual/helpful influences, and challenging/unresolved issues. Our present lifetime is designed with opportunities to help us grow and evolve through all of those influences to become more whole.

The highest layer is the spiritual energy body. It is a home for our Higher Self, the unique and eternal facet of the One for which our body was created. Its energy creates and interpenetrates each lower layer of the aura and ideally manages them in harmony with the higher intentions for our life. The healthy energy of this layer is very spiritual, beautiful and whole.

Moving closer to the body, the second highest layer is the higher mental energy body. Here we hold the capacity for connecting to all understanding and wisdom of the universe. Our ability to access that grows as we become more spiritually awake. The energy of this layer when healthy is amazing; beautiful, alive, joyful and complex.

The next layer down is the lower mental energy body. This is the linear mind that is needed to focus our life. It can be a focus for the higher intelligence and purpose of our eternal Being, if we are open and accepting of that relationship within our life! When we are only focused on our experience in the physical world and what we have to do there, the mental aura can act more like a barrier to our higher understanding and the fulfillment of our spiritual purpose in life.

Moving toward the body the next layer is the astral energy body. This is the energy of feeling and emotion. It holds our memories of this and all lifetimes. It is very elastic and can connect to any other time, place or person instantly.
Its energy is very fluid; like water or air, it carries many moods and feelings and can be very responsive to the energy of others and the environment. It can help us connect with our higher self, or block that connection when we focus only toward our mundane experience.

The inner 4 layers of the aura include the physical body and are all shaped like the body. These layers pass away when the physical body dies.

The next layer down is the vital energy body. This layer expresses energy into our life to support outer activities. When we are very tired, this layer becomes thin and weak.

Continuing inward is the etheric double. This is a storehouse of the substance needed to run our body and our life.
Called etheric substance, it usually feels soft and fluffy.

The last layer before our physical body is the inner etheric aura. Here are the meridians and meridian points which carry energy and allow our higher self to influence and support our body. There are also tetrahedrons, which are little spinners that generate etheric substance for running the body and doing activities. This aura feels very energetic. Sensitive people may feel the slender- flowing channels of meridians, the little vortexes of the tiny chakra-like meridian points, and the spinning of the tetrahedrons!

The physical body is the lowest layer of the aura, and that part of which we are most aware! It is also an energy body, though it feels solid to us!

by Eve Wilson


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