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An open heart is not weak. Love is the force that turns the acorn into the oak, the fetus into the baby, and ignites revolutions. The nice guy does not finish last. When you start from an, “I gotta get mine” type mentality, you will get the “goodies” but lose your soul. This intention will also attract all those around you who are also trying to get their “goodies.” In this scarcity mentality, life becomes a battle of survival and a soul-sucking vacuum, even when the ‘fridge is full, or multiple cars line the driveway.

You are the way in which Love/God gets to experience Itself and express into the world. YOU are an expression of the most high. It is a humble choice to accept how loved you are. This choice bypasses the external roles and conditions you have placed on your worth. The egoic mind will do everything in its power for you to continue to find your worth in what you do, how much you give, the money you make, reputation, and others’ approval (or tell you that you are not worthy because of what you do, your past, etc.) Neither side of the pendulum is true. It takes a LOVE WARRIOR to accept that they are loved already. Accepting that you are loved just as you are progressively shifts you from a limited self-identity to unlimited identity. Psychologically what you identify as, you ACT from. For example, think you are an athlete, and you will think thoughts and take actions from this foundation. OR… think you are magnificent and you will act and speak from that inner wholeness and fullness! As a practice, remind yourself that YOU are ACCEPTED already.

All parts of you are lovable. Even the qualities you find most unlovable within yourself can NOT separate you from your True Self. You remain whole, amazing, and beautiful no matter what you do! It is who you are. Anything you perceive as lacking in a situation is something you are not letting out within yourself. You have the ability, through accepting your perceived unloveabilities, to align with the flow of prosperity waiting to be seen. Prosperity is already there in the energetic field or mind of God. Your greater life is simply waiting for you to see it. You see your life how you perceive yourself. This is why self love is a wise choice. Remove the scales from your eyes by loving yourself and giving inward permission to be magnificent. Only you can give yourself permission to be you. Make no apologies for who you truly are, sweet one.

It is NOT them causing you pain. It is you holding back from your True Self. Next time you perceive lack in a situation or person, ask yourself, “What wants to emerge through me?” or “What is the gift wanting to be born here?” Give selfishly to keep yourself aligned with YOU, otherwise your giving holds a subtle energy of self-sacrifice, guilt, or manipulation. The universal principal to give love ONLY to feel love as you, applies especially in relationships; otherwise, no matter how romantic, what you are giving is not love.

Bringing Love to all you do, is putting God or the power of the Universe into your everyday life. Let Love/God be in your dishes, work, shopping, and all the details of daily living you consider mundane.

“All nature conspires to produce and manifest the freedom of the individual, that it may unloose its own energy.” Ernest Holmes

Life is on your side. God-Universe yearns to express love, prosperity and joy as YOU. You have to only but let it! Current situations are what they are… BUT how you respond, is in your power. Choose to align with the good that is waiting. Choose to open. Stop focusing on the crucifixion and focus on the RESURRECTION. Bemoaning how you wish things should be… or could be… keeps you trapped. YOU WILL ONLY EXPERIENCE THE ENERGY YOU ARE RELEASING.

Your words and actions determine YOUR joy. What others are thinking about you does not matter. The consequence of their thoughts and words on their life is their responsibility. Next time you are alone, admit to yourself how much time you think about what others are thinking about you, and instead, choose to be in conscious contact with the Presence of Love, Beauty and Joy.

Relationships are the reflections of our inner landscape. Choose to not see relationship this way and you will let others steal your joy. You have to make a choice to be 100% responsible for your thoughts and feelings. This does not mean blame. Blaming yourself or others keeps you stuck. Where are you giving your joy away? Who are you still blaming? Course In Miracles teaches that “attack thoughts” toward yourself or others creates separation and pain. Love aligns you with the power of the universe. Course in Miracles also teaches that we judge to see if someone is worthy of our love, but until we love, we will not understand. Waiting to love someone is a holding back that costs YOU your happiness. Instead, love someone to set yourself free and for your own happiness. The “symptom” of selfishly loving, is that people are healed by your presence.

In relationships, one foot in the door and one foot out hurts your ability to keep yourself safe, listen to your inner guidance and be aligned with your divine destiny. When I was coaching a woman the other day, she said, “I am waiting to be feminine until he is more masculine. I won’t be ‘all me’ until I can respect him!” This woman will be waiting for her masculine man the rest of her life. Until we give ourselves full permission to be ourselves or “all in,” life can’t change. Another male client said, “I am just not into this job, so I don’t really show up.” However, if he can “show up” as best he can each day, the job will change or he will align with a new job. Showing up and choosing love is a daily practice. If you are in a relationship or single, choose to show up, and choose love for YOUR sake. This daily choice will shift your current partner or align you with the One that God has for you. Grounding in, and giving love to feel love as you, plugs you into the prosperity, abundance and harmony that is waiting to come into greater expression as you.

Stop fighting the moment. What is in your physical reality is ancient history. Boredom is a sign you are repressing what wants to emerge through you. Embrace the sacredness of each moment. By choosing love and showing up, you have the power to change your life. Let go, relax, and trust where life is leading you. Listen to your moment by moment guidance. When you listen and follow what feels right within the moment, you tap into the power that builds mountains.

Following your gut/heart is following God. Put your gut… God… in everything you do. Let that impulse lead in ALL areas of your life. The guidance IS within you. Stop, slow down, LISTEN and be obedient to what you feel. Trust your gut. Trust your heart. Where your heart (gut-God) guides, you will be provided for. Be as a child and let the impulse of your soul lead.

Remind yourself 10x a day that YOU are loved just as you are!! Because you ARE! As you do this, your life will begin to reflect back your awareness of your inner abundance.

Barbra White


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