Is a Psychic a Medium?


I spent an amazing week in Austin TX, where I attended an advanced mediumship class with James Van Praagh — a very well-known medium in his own right. He wrote his first book, “Talking to Heaven” in 1997. I have always admired his work since the first time I read this book. It resonated with me and helped me feel connected even more with my own gifts. I have worked as a psychic for more than 30 years, and of course as most developed psychics, I found spirits of loved ones come into my readings to communicate with love ones. Sometimes, I would feel frustrated that I did not receive more information from spirit, like names and more detailed information, as I felt that there was a shift in the frequency when I did move from connecting with spirit to a life path reading. I had found that when I focused only on connecting with spirit and not the life path, the connection became clearer. Then, the spirits would talk with me like they were alive. Names, places and experiences flowed through the dimensions.

Back to James Van Praagh; while in the class, he asked if anyone called themselves, Psychic/Mediums. Of course I was thinking, ‘Yes!, I will raise my hand’ as several others had in the class, but instead I listened to my little voice that said to me, ‘Don’t raise your hand!’ I try to always listen to my little voice, and sat with my hands under me just to make sure I did not involuntary put my hand up. James picked an eager and proud psychic/medium to come to the stage, asking her why she thought she was a psychic/medium. As she stood beside him, she explained that as a psychic she sees the past, present and future, and sometimes spirits come into the reading to connect with loved ones.

Then, something that I truly did not expect to come out of James’ mouth was: “I don’t like the term psychic/medium at all!” He stressed that you cannot work within the two energy fields, as the Earth life path was of a slower vibration and spirits function was on a much faster vibration. He said that you cannot communicate well with spirit as they are trying so hard to slow their energy down to talk with you. James further said, “Be psychic in your reading or be a medium, but to communicate well with spirit you need to connect with the higher energy of spirit, otherwise you cannot receive details such as names, cause of death and other messages in greater detail.”

I found this interesting and have been working on my connection with spirit, as I have been finding they have been popping-up in my psychic life readings more and more; but because I was not at the frequency that may best connect with spirit, it was more difficult to receive details from them. Watching Theresa Caputo of “The Long Island Medium” you can see she only works from a higher vibration.

Have you noticed how much energy she has when connecting to spirit? However, she is promoted as a psychic/medium. But the take-away from all of this is if we choose to communicate with the other side, we need to bring up our energy and tune into the life path (psychic) of a person, bring down your energy.

To demonstrate this, James danced on the stage to lively music (he was having fun), and of course we had to dance right along with him to bring up our frequencies. Then, we sat down and connected with spirits all afternoon. It was an amazing day indeed.

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Evolving at the speed of love,

Wendy Nugent Powers

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