The World is Our Teacher: How A Granddaughter Teaches the Power of Gratitude


The Native Americans refer to God as, “The Spirit that moves through all things.” Many religions and wisdom teachings say that God is omnipresent. It is unfortunate that in today’s fast paced world, many of us miss the experience of God in our everyday lives. Life passes us by, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Soon, on our death beds, we realize there was much we wish we would have done.

“The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you can live fully in the present.” ― Dana Arcuri

Being present in the now is the secret sauce that can help us avoid a destiny of regrets. We can live a fuller, happier, healthier and more inspired life by being present. But how do we do that? If you have been following my articles, you will know that conscious breathing is one thing you can do to place your awareness in the now. Another powerful catalyst is gratitude. Being present in gratitude, the little things and simple moments are not little at all; they become grand moments of bliss.

Just yesterday, my two-year old granddaughter reaffirmed the power of gratitude and presence in connecting to Source. She asked me “Pap Pap, me bike.” So I got out the bike and she rode with me pushing her. Soon she got out and started to push the bike with me. As she moved slowly down the road exploring the world around us, I had no choice but to slow down as well. Here was this young life alive in the moment, present in her joy, and so I too became more present. And there it was, crossing the street in front of us, ever so small, a caterpillar.

Oh, the light in her eyes when she saw it, “Pap Pap waazz daat?” She was totally in the moment, nothing else mattered. I was grateful to share in her joy and instantly I became more grateful for everything around me and in my life: the sunshine contrasting with the coolness of the shade; the smallness of her tiny hand against my much larger hand; her desire to share her discovery with her mother and Nanna; my love for Nanna, for her, for our family, and many other things. It was all a rush, a waterfall of thankfulness.

Gratitude is like that. It is contagious and draws more unto itself. Gratitude is the joy that comes from loving something. Gratitude is love, and since love is the energy alive at the deepest level of existence, it is beyond illusion. Gratitude is the bridge between the inner and outer worlds. From the inner world comes a deeper relationship with the “Spirit that moves through all things.” You are now aware of your connection to the energy that sustains everything and everyone, and because of it, your life will become easier, more meaningful, more profound, more grand and more fun.

Being present in gratitude takes us beyond the little things. Life becomes less mechanical and more real as we move beyond the familiar into the profound. Little things like caterpillars are no longer little. Living becomes grand, precious and joyful. You will see things differently and hear things previously there but hidden. Everything about you matters and compassion for all abounds.

Life is a mystery and you are now an awakened and conscious part of it. You are beginning to understand the mystery and awe of creation and that begets more of the same. When you are present with gratitude, others begin to be grateful for you. Difficulty turns into ease. Frustration lessens. New solutions to old problems arrive. Inner and outer are integrated back into wholeness which begets healing and holiness. Everything becomes increasingly effortless, more enjoyable, and more vibrant.

When we are caught up in the fast paced world of today, life is hard as we become distant and removed from creation and nothing is enough. We keep buying more, wanting more, searching for something to fill the emptiness that we feel but for which we have no name. Society keeps telling us that the next car, house, dress, relationship, deodorant, or pill will make us enough and finally we will be happy. This is an illusion, as any happiness that is derived is fleeting and dependent on an external source.

When you awaken the energy of gratitude, you go deeper into the essence of being connected to your Higher Self. The deeper you go, the more you connect, and the more you connect, the more all things are possible. By reconnecting us to our true Self, we remember we are already complete and perfect as we are.

Once you experience this power, centered and calm in the truth of who you are, there is no turning back. The experience cannot be undone. You will always have the memory of the power of the Universe that lies within.

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