How to Choose a Psychic Reader


Everyone loves a psychic reading; the chance to hear what the future holds, or to confirm an existing situation. It is a fascinating experience.

Finding the right psychic reader is tantamount. Referrals from friends are great, but understandably every psychic reader approaches their craft differently, and every client seeks something germane to themselves. Decide what type of reader you seek. There are two basic types: the practical reader, offering a “tell it like it is”, reading approach for everyday life and situations, and the metaphysically based reader, coming from more of a spirituality basis. They can both be wonderful experiences, depending on your needs for the particular reading.

Look for someone you like, trust, is easy to talk with, and whom you believe will tell you the truth. How comfortable do you feel? Does the reader encourage your empowerment? Is the reader willing to listen to your questions and take the time to explain the reading to you?

Be open and willing to hear all the information presented with the understanding that you may hear options you had not considered. Accept that a reader may see that a desired outcome may not be “in the cards”, no matter how much you may want it.

Ask for clarity, and question when the information does not resonate with you. You may be looking at a situation from a different perspective than the reader. A psychic reader that does not mind your questioning the information is a great benefit to you, as they desire to empower you with knowledge in a way to facilitate your understanding.

Remember there are no “musts” and “shoulds” in a reading. A reader is not there to tell you what to do, but to offer the options ahead, the path you choose is up to you!

By Joan StJohn

Joan StJohn is a psychic medium, conducting psychic readings and spirit channelings for over 25 years. She also teaches psychic development and channeling courses, conducts paranormal investigations and works with law enforcement on crime investigations.

Contact Joan StJohn by phone at: 1-800-ASK-JOAN (1-800-275-5626 | 1-734-222-8101 )
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