Color Me Plenty!


Do you ever find yourself drawn to that particular color on that particular day when you venture into your closet? For example, you’re feeling kind of down and you want to feel great and look great, so which color do you seek to wear but your favorite!

Color exists everywhere in our lives, whether it be the clothes we wear, the stones or crystals we carry in our pockets, the color of our cars or even the colored candles we light so often without another thought.

Colors sometimes overlap, meaning where red can mean fire hot passionate love, and with pink it can mean self-love. Take notice of color all around you and how it takes shape or roots in your life. Feel like a color below has a meaning it is missing? Add it in and take notice of how often or little you apply that meaning to that color. For example, if you are agitated and always wear green; change what you wear and possibly remove that agitation. Paying attention to color allows us to be more mindful, present and appreciative of the beauty around us.

Inspiration came to me when at a time in my life I not only needed a boost mentally, but I needed one physically, as I was suffering from being ill. My husband, knowing many of the unique things I like to do, bought me a coloring book that was not only filled with abstract designs resembling mandalas, but also each design carried an inspirational quote from some of the most influential people of all time.

Loving that he mixed not only my love for art, as well as my love for quotes, I began to color these beautiful designs on a cool Monday, being completely down for the count with pneumonia. Only to discover that not only was this completely therapeutic, but I was also working with colors that I normally steered away from in my own life, because they had never been one of my personal preferences.

Henceforth, it made me decide to share with you something that even a practiced person in metaphysics forgot. I will finish off this article with not only what colors are good for what, but with the best advice I can give, live your life in a world of color, never wanting to feel or know the lack thereof. Sending you all an abundant rainbow of color.

Red: Passion, Energy, Vitality, Love, Sex, Anger, Hunger, Anxiety, Courage, Confidence.

Pink: Love, Tenderness, Sensitivity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Emotions, Sexuality, Sympathy

Orange: Health, Attraction, Confidence, Happiness, Thirst, Enthusiasm, Success, Endurance

Yellow: Cheer, Optimism, Warmth, Joy, Happiness, Energy, Childish, Attention, Intellect

Green: Nature, Jealousy, Money, Balance, Rest, Grounding, Safety, Vision, Fertility, Growth

Blue: Trust, Calm, Balance, Truth, Faith, Stable, Power, Justice, Loyalty, Wisdom, Sincerity

Purple: Royalty, Healing, Intuition, Power, Luxury, Mysterious, Creative, Arrogant, Ambition

Black: Bold, Rich, Power, Mystery, Elegance, In Control, Strength, Perseverance, Authority

By: Courtney Overfield


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