“Total Health Foods” in Wyandotte, Moves to a New Location!


Total Health Foods in Wyandotte is preparing for their widely anticipated move and expansion of their popular downriver health food store to a larger location! Having outgrown their current store, they will be moving just a few doors down on the same street, to 2948 Biddle St. (W. Jefferson), sometime around Nov. 20.

For the three owners, Annette and Janette Crossman (twin sisters) and Kathleen Gunther, Total Health is the name of their store and their goal! Their dream is and always has been, to be a resource of health for the downriver community; to be a complete alternative health resource, and this move will continue to make that vision a reality. The team plans to expand their alternative practitioner space and product lines, and are excited to bring a market of fresh, organic vegetables to the community.

Before changing the direction of their careers and embracing a healthier lifestyle, Annette and Janette were firmly entrenched in corporate America, managing a very successful fast food restaurant. “We liked it at the time, were successful, and the money was nice. We ate fast foods and lived a typical American life for 20 year olds — not enough sleep, working too many hours, and constant pressure. After a number of years, it took its toll, but we didn’t realize it until we quit and left the rat race,” says Annette.

That’s when they met Kathleen, who was working at a health food store that was a delightful little shop, but was operating far below its potential. Kathleen saw the possibilities in the store, and when it went up for sale, she took her vision to the two people she thought could help make it a reality, and the rest is history!

“I loved what I was doing and believed in the power of nutrition,” says Kathleen. “I thought the store should be like a focal point for alternative health; like a hub where practitioners and the community could share their understanding of health and what works and what doesn’t. I saw it as a place where people could interact, research information and buy books, not just pick up granola and herbal teas.”

The new owners set their goals in motion, and with help from family and friends, persevered through the early stages and beyond, remaining steadfast, positive and motivated. “It’s all about teamwork,” says Janette. “It’s so much easier to be part of a team than be the Lone Ranger running the whole show. Someone can be a little stronger than you are at any given moment of doubt or fear, and they lend you their strength.”

The most rewarding part of the business for Annette, Janette and Kathleen is knowing they are helping people improve their lives through a healthier lifestyle. They love hearing success stories from their many clients who are now enjoying optimum health as a result of changing their diet, utilizing nutritional supplements and being better informed about making healthy choices.

Total Health Foods has a well-trained, knowledgeable staff that stays current with the latest products, studies and information, including Alice Huang and a team of therapists.

Alice is a licensed Acupuncturist and a Massage therapist who also specializes in Herbology. She also co-edited, Advanced Modern Chinese Acupuncture Therapy, a widely used practical handbook for the intermediate and advanced study of acupuncture.
Alice is also an instructor at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan. Subjects taught include “Relieve Arthritis Pain Without Drugs” and “Neck and Shoulder Pain” among others.

Alice Huang’s services include but are not limited to: Acupuncture, Total Body Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Chinese Foot Massage and Immune Enhancement Therapy. Now that Alice has partnered with Total Health Foods, her services will be avaialble
in Wyandotte, in addition to her Dearborn and Clawson locations.

Hours are: Mon. – Sat. 9am-9pm, Sun. 11am-7pm. Visit: www.THFDownriver.com
or call: 734- 246-1208


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