Vibrate the Life You Desire!


Each of us has a vibration that is uniquely our own. Based on our thoughts, experiences and feelings, these vibrations attract to us experiences of like vibrations. So, if you desire a life experience different than what you are attracting, it’s an opportunity and gives you notice of where you might like to change.

Louise Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life”, was a pioneer in connecting the power of your thoughts and how your thoughts affect your physical health. Lynne McTaggert in her ground- breaking book, “The Intention Experiment”, demonstrated the power of your thoughts to create your reality. And, it has been documented many times now by many different sources, that this is a vibrating universe.

If this is a vibrating universe, then we are vibrating beings. And, ‘like’ vibrations always fit in harmony with ‘like’ vibrations. Just like a symphony, the notes all go together, even if it is a sad melody, a scary melody, a joyous melody… and so forth. In all melodies, the notes are in harmony in some way. Even when you have never heard the music before, you feel it when a mistaken note or chord is struck. It feels jarring, discordant, shocking and uncomfortable. Same with people and situations. Just notice how people of like vibrations attract each other, and similar situations, stories and experiences…. ways of seeing the world.

The whole world is an enormous song, and you are one of its notes. All in harmony.

You are constantly sending out vibrations that are attuned to your thoughts and emotions. When you have positive, happy and loving thoughts, you are in sync with the highest vibrations of the universe, Divine Source, God-Energy. That’s when you attract positive people and experiences into your life. Even when it may take a while to manifest, it is still attracted to you.

The same is true for your more negative thoughts and emotions, your egoic thoughts, emotions. These are defensive thoughts and feelings meant to keep the world at bay so that you can feel safe. These thoughts and feelings usually got their start in childhood as a way to survive. These become patterns and habits that are no longer serving you, so let them go.

You can start by becoming mindful of your emotions and thoughts. I have most of my clients start with keeping a journal of a feeling, then their thoughts. At first, most of my clients, when it comes right down to it, are unable to identify their feelings. So, we often start with positive/negative and work towards identifying more clearly the emotions they are feeling.

Then, take the time to identify your thoughts. You are always thinking. When you are awake, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are both constantly thinking. And, even when you sleep, your subconscious mind is at work. It’s the mind we talk with in hypnosis to change undesired patterns into desired ones, ones with a higher vibration.

So, identify your thoughts, which are actually your vibrational emanations, and if you want to transform them to transform your life, do it! For example… if you have the thought “There’s no one to date” you could change it to, “I always meet great guys to date.” “Nothing ever goes right for me” can become, “Everything’s going great!” You will feel better, you are more connected with Divine Source, and your vibration goes up, attracting positive experiences and people to you. Like everything, the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Have fun with changing your vibrational emittance to create the life you desire!

Love and Light,


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