Being Free


A lot of us have mixed feelings about the holidays. Being with family and feeling trapped. Realizing we are repeating the same script over and over. What if we can practice being free this holiday season, and all year long? Anywhere and anytime?

We create our own cage, and the bars are our own subconscious, or even conscious thoughts. They are stronger than the strongest steel. The only way you can break free is to change your thoughts. What are the thoughts that keep you trapped?

Look for the ones which have a composition of negativity or fear. This includes any judgment, resentment or blame that you feel. These are the ones to transform into positive statements when you become aware of them. How do you become aware of them?

You can start by choosing to be mindful of what you say. Keep a journal of your thoughts. Just by keeping a journal, your subconscious will take the hint that you are willing to put the energy and focus to transform these thoughts into ones that will help you achieve your desires rather than hinder you. Usually these thoughts are from your childhood and are no longer relevant nor advantageous for you. After all, most of them were chosen from a child’s point of view. Some you may like to keep as they are helpful, others, you may want to re-write into something more in accordance as to how you want to be, who you want to be. It’s really just choosing which programs you wish to delete and replacing them with ones you desire to think and see the world as.

Afraid of what you’ll find? It’s ok, they’re only thoughts, only energy, not who you truly are; it’s not your soul, just your persona in this play we call life.

I just worked with a client who quit her job for positive reasons, with the support of her husband and friends. Most people dream of living a life not having to work. Imagine her surprise when she found herself crying, despondent. We realized that part of her definition of her self was her job… so she felt lost without it… without an identity, a role, nor a goal to grow toward. She also discovered she had very young beliefs and thoughts maintaining that only those with a job were to be respected.

She was so happy when she was able to acknowledge and transform those lost, negative thoughts into acceptance and compassion for herself as she chose new beliefs about herself that were more in keeping with her divine purpose, and connected with her new, top goals. She looked inward and meditated on those new thoughts and divine purpose until they became her new program of beliefs. She has mindfully chosen who she wants to be and how she wants to think, what beliefs she desires and how she chooses to experience the world.

She lost her cage, the beliefs and patterns of thoughts around which she subconsciously lived and experienced the world. She created a new paradigm for herself and in accordance with how she intentionally wants to experience life.

You too can re-write your inner programs and be set free to experience the life you deserve as a divine being in a human body. Re-create the life you desire by mindfully identifying your thoughts that no longer serve you and decide what you want and how you want to think as an adult. Re-create your adult life with intention and mindfulness.

Then, make it your focus to intentionally, mindfully use these new, chosen beliefs to be free to be you. To just be. Re-define your “cage” or have none at all, and let those thoughts, beliefs, be your new inner programs as to how you experience life. No longer defined by what you learned as a child, use your wisdom — you’ve earned, and have always had, the right to create the life you desire, and you have the wisdom and ability to do it, just by changing your thoughts, just by changing your energy. Because that’s all thoughts are, energy. And, energy is transmutable.

Be free — transmute, change the thoughts that are trapping you in a cage, keeping you from your own glory, your own divine experience in this moment. Have fun!

Love and Light,

Miche Lame’


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