One with the light


Because the affirmation “I AM ONE With The LIGHT” is based in the truth of who you are, it is powerful and transformational. It can eradicate false beliefs from your consciousness and completely transform and uplift your life. And it is particularity welcome at this time of year.

Many of the world’s wisdom traditions celebrate God’s light at this time of year (Christmas, Diwali, Hanukah, Kwanza to name but a few). However, for most of humanity, they are unaware of the deeper truth that they are the light.

We have been taught that the light is outside of ourselves and is not within us. In fact, many teachings tell us that we are not worthy, that we have original sin, that we are imperfect. But how do we know this? Have we bought into what others have told us or have we had a direct experience of what is true? Is this someone else’s truth or my truth? When we rely on external sources for our truth, we give away our power. When people give away their power, the affirmation “I AM ONE With The LIGHT” is meaningless and foreign. And yet you can never be powerless if you are one with the light.

Learn to discern for yourself what is true for you. Truth comes from direct knowing and truth can only be found by going within. When you do so, there will be many voices but if you wait, if you quiet the mind, your inner wisdom will reveal itself. And when it does, darkness no longer shrouds your consciousness as your inner light grows brighter and reveals truth.

This inner knowing is what is true for you. No one can tell you differently. We have witnessed many experiences of workshop participants who have chosen to let go of their old beliefs and surrendered to the possibility of a different possibility. When they went deep inside to the place of silence and stillness within, they came back knowing. There was a change in the way they looked, a soft smile on their face, tears in their eyes or a glow about them. They looked brighter and felt lighter. Some even looked younger. There was a noticeable difference and yet nothing was done externally. Transformation comes from within.

This is not something that can be taught nor can you know by words alone. It must be experienced. The light grew because they chose to let go of the old beliefs that no longer served them. They were no longer limited by preconceived thoughts and beliefs. At that moment the affirmation “I AM ONE With The LIGHT” was as real as the hands that you can see in front of you. And whether you are aware of it or not, the truth is true for you and me and everyone. The only difference between each of us is how much we choose to resist the truth.

Such shifts in consciousness change awareness which changes experience. Old beliefs fall away opening life to new possibilities. One reacts less to external events as you become more grounded into the truth of who you are. As you access the light within, you begin to share it with others more, and more light is reflected back to you. Your life becomes fulfilled, complete and joyful. Nothing is lacking.

And that is what this time of year is all about, awakening the light within. Traditionally, this is also a time of year to present gifts to those we care about. Rather than or maybe in addition to giving things, why not try the following to further awaken the light. Write down on a piece of paper the ways another has shared their light with you. Describe in detail what they did, how they uplifted the moment and how you felt. Acknowledge their love. Do this for as many times as you can remember and let this be your gift to them, an acknowledgment and appreciation of the love and light they are.

As you appreciate their acts of love, remember that what you appreciate grows. And so the light grows brighter on the planet today and the affirmation “I AM ONE With The LIGHT” becomes more real for you and them as you transform into the radiant being you are. How could any gift be greater than that?

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Dave Krajovic

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