UP TO THE MIC: Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn


I have the great pleasure of writing about one of our longtime hosts here at Body Mind Spirit Radio. Leslie Blackburn brings her knowledge, experience and teachings to her show, Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn which airs live every third Tuesday from 10-11 a.m. Eastern Time. Her next show will air live on December 15th.

Leslie brings her background as a Sacred Sexual Healer and Transformational Guide to her radio show every month. She not only mixes the feminine and masculine principles, but conjoins art, science, philosophy, health and practice into the wonderful topics she is inspired to share.

As a sexual shaman, Leslie’s passion is to help people find and connect with their own deep power and wisdom. She feels authentically called to share this path with the world, and does so with vulnerability, joy, wisdom, passion and giggles! Founder of One Space, LLC and Mystery School of the Temple Arts, Leslie illuminates the path of self-realization through Sacred Sexuality, Yoga, Meditation, Art, Sacred Geometry and more.

As someone who has the wonderful opportunity to work on her show, I am personally inspired as to how calming and joyful her energy is. She holds no fear in speaking about topics that take place in the Sexual world but also offers this wonderful energy to listeners so that they may feel very comfortable when calling in and asking questions.

“Sacred Sexuality is a lifestyle, much larger than immediate thoughts of recreational or procreational sex. It’s a powerful potential for emotional release, improving our health and relationships with others, manifesting our heart’s desires, and for illuminating a path of connection with Ultimate Bliss, Enlightenment and the Divine.” She has topics just as, Sex Drive vs. Sex Ah; All About the Pelvis; Listening to My Body: A Food Journey with Orgasmic Results, and more!

Leslie is available for private sessions, events, speaking engagements, classes and more! Please venture to her website below, for more information on her next temple gathering, upcoming events. etc.! Her temple gatherings are free of charge but donations are welcome. This is a great opportunity to gather with others to discuss openly on sexuality, consciousness, Tantra, etc.

We also welcome you to join Leslie’s new Sacred Sexuality VideoCast. This is a monthly event and you can chose your level of involvement. Please visit the website and see the details under Event Calendar. Her next live VideoCast is Wednesday December 2nd at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

Venture to www.bodymindspiritradio.com to listen to her shows in archive or to find more information about Leslie. Also visit www.onespaceconnected.com for more information on Sacred Sexuality, Mystery School of the Temple Arts, and all she has to offer.

If you would like to promote your business, expertise, products or services via radio by being interviewed or by hosting your own personal show, please feel free to email your request to radio@bodymindspiritguide.com


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