He is Not as Engaged as He Was. Are You Giving Too Much?


Contrary to how it may seem, one of the things that scares a man the most is a woman who gives too much.

Giving too much has a very subtle beginning and, in most cases, it doesn’t affect the initial stage of a relationship because the two of you are very much in love.

You have been waiting for this infatuation for a long time. You feel that this is the man and he has finally come into your life. Enthusiasm and love motivate you to do even more to have a happier and stronger relationship. You start doing more for him. You take care of things that are his and he begins to be your priority. The need to give and do for him seems unstoppable. You take care of his things, you are always available, and perhaps you are paying for things he should be paying for. You give your talent, energy, time, and attention. By now, it is probable that you are neglecting your interests, you are seeing your friends less, and your business or job no longer motivates you. Your relationship and partner have become your new motivation.

At this point, you cannot be happy. You need to be valued, to have a solid relationship, and for him to be happy, come first. Deep inside, you know that something is not balanced in your relationship … that his life continues to grow and unfold, while yours starts to lose strength and consistency. There is a void and a need in you that is not making you happy.
So, instead of making him happy and having a solid relationship, you are generating the opposite.

He receives, but it’s not bringing the two of you closer or making him value you more. On the contrary, he is beginning to be distant and your attitude starts to bother him. You give expecting something in return, something you think you would not have alone. You think, “I am giving him all. I am being a good woman. Why isn’t he valuing what he has with me?” And he is thinking, “She’s good and a nice woman, but I just don’t feel the same way. I am not as interested as I was before.” All this happens at an unconscious level but starts to affect your attitude and the way you participate in the relationship.

This need to give comes from a belief instilled in you many years ago. This belief, at your core, makes you think ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I am not worthy, ‘I can’t’. When you give from these limiting beliefs, no real and sustainable relationship can take place.

This is a perfect example of how it is ‘from you’ that you create your experiences, from what you think and feel. You are cause, and your experiences are effects. Let’s see in more detail how to begin to change this.

The good news is that just as you have the limiting belief, you also have the desire for a rewarding relationship. You crave a man that wants to give to you, to support you, to understand you and accept you as you.

I want you to pause and think: if a part of you has the limiting belief that you do not deserve to receive love, who is the one desiring a fulfilling relationship and the good stuff? The answer is You. Your higher Self, your True Self.

Feel the energy that comes from the Truth of desiring someone that accepts you, supports you, and wants you for who you are. Each gives and receives at the same level. Feel this energy and see the difference in your vibes, thoughts and feelings. When you acknowledge your desire, you build true and lasting relationships.

It is also important to understand that women who give too much cannot receive easily. This is another belief of ‘I don’t deserve’ that has been instilled in you. To expand your ability to receive and feel worthy is first. Everything comes from you. How you perceive yourself and what you think about yourself makes a difference.

I invite you to take the quiz, Are you the giver in the relationship? (www.theconsciousattitude.com/freebies). The results will explain to you where you are today and how you participate in relationships. You will also receive a Free Mini Course in, Understanding the Giver’s Dilemma.

You can have everything you want. You can have the rewarding and fulfilling relationship without being needy, fearful or doubtful.

My best,



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