Yes, why not give yourself a gift in this New Year and in this New Age? Only you can truly know what you need or want.
I’ve noticed how hard it seems for us to include ourselves, to consider our own feelings and needs. During the last 3-plus decades, most of the people I’ve worked with have discovered that an important part of becoming happy and whole is learning how to tune-in to what is going on inside their hearts, minds and bodies. This is the opposite of the outside-in approach that they learned, believing it was more important what other people thought of them.

We are now living in an Age that brings with it higher frequencies and higher levels of consciousness. Because of this, it is easier to know what is right and authentic. What is next for us?

A lot of people I know are ready to create a new reality in one or more parts of their lives. As our consciousness grows and expands, our vibrational frequencies increase. We then wonder why our vocations, friends, partners, homes or lifestyles feel confining or uncomfortable, when they once fit perfectly. In my article last month, Left Brain – Right Brain, I described the way the integrated brain uses these higher frequencies to help us move beyond the habit/pattern of left-brain-only solutions.

If your frequency has increased, author Penney Peirce (Leap of Perception, 2013) suggests asking yourself some of the following questions. This could be the biggest gift of your life, and only You can give it to yourself:

If I had an extra day to myself every week, what would I do that doesn’t involve the concept of “should”?

What things do I want to learn about?

If I move to a different house, what would it be like?

If my income doubled, what would I be doing?

What’s an ideal next phase of life?

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” -Rumi

Discussion groups forming – if interested, email me at wheeloflightllc@gmail.com

Barbara Smith


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