Hands-on, ghost hunting experiences open to the public


I have experienced some “strange occurrences” growing-up, such as seeing dead relatives in dreams, having dreams that were precognitive, and apparently talking to dead people (according to my sister). These things seemed normal to me at the time. As I got older, I learned that my mother was a “witch”, my great aunt read tea leaves, and many more interesting facts about my family.

As time passed, I used science to rationalize and dismiss these childhood occurrences. When I began my career as a nurse, I again started having strange things happen that I couldn’t dismiss so easily.

I worked with comatose dying patients that would suddenly become lucid and start talking to loved ones that were deceased. How is this possible? What did these patients experience as they were passing over? What is on the other side? Were these “ghosts” that they were talking too? I had so many questions. And come to find out, so did my sister.

She also had her own strange events and wanted to know answers. We both decided to see if we could find these answers together. We started learning about paranormal investigation. And after doing a few ghost hunts, on our quest we realized that there were many others like us.

We decided to form GHS Paranormal Team — but we were different. We wanted to give others the opportunity to explore and look for answers with us. That’s when our “hands- on” ghost hunting started. We provide an informative, hands-on, real ghost hunting experience all year round. We find the locations that have claimed paranormal activity and conduct public ghost hunts with you — the public. All equipment is provided. Check-out our webpage and Facebook for our 2016 calendar.

Lisa Ganocy RN– Co-founder GHS Paranormal Team

Kelly McDonald is a professional franchise consultant for one of the largest QSR concepts. She is a ghost hunter at night and is a “skeptical believer.”
Lisa Ganocy is an RN in the operating room at a local hospital. She pursues ghost hunting at night, describing herself as “open minded” and willing to consider all theories.


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