Living Into Your Dreams in 2016


Depression and hopelessness arise when you have abandoned your own inner guidance. You have allowed other’s opinions to fill your body. Possessed by the expectations of others, the voice of God and your dreams become dormant.

A dream is guidance from your Soul.

You are here to be a living example of abundance, joy, health, wisdom and peace. Guiding people for years, I’ve seen that we would rather fight for what we want… than allow. The fighting keeps us in a false form of control. The proving and fighting also keeps us from experiencing what we are afraid of the most… love. You can turn on the light. Take a stand for your dreams, but against no one. It is common for us to ask the one person who cannot give us what we desire. This keeps us in the fight.

Avoiding the uncertainty of living into our dreams, we attach to beliefs such as “It is more holy to be half-fed” or “I am a better person for not asking for so much.” The kingdom wants to be given, dear one.

Living your dreams requires you to embrace the co-creative edge, divine discontent, and vulnerability. What is in your physical world now is your previous thoughts. Live out of history and into the mystery of wants to emerge through you.

Your dreams and desires are waiting to be remembered. Feeling joy is feeling God and Life moving in, as, and through you.
No matter what you have done, or didn’t do… you deserve to be happy. Your suffering does not help anyone.

Being poor, sick, or tired from working so hard
does not make you a better person.

Shame is self-attack or self-hate. We all have it. The only question is, do you have the willingness to face it as you embrace your dreams? We deny our desires to avoid shame. Settling can “help” to not have to face the grief of when we compromised ourselves, disrespected ourselves, and betrayed our inner voice. We eat half a meal pretending we are full, and then painfully add mental stories that we missed our opportunity or that a good life is just not possible.

Denying dreams and desires means living as the walking dead. Listening to the impulse of your soul, and following that moment to moment guidance to do what brings you alive, takes your continual choice. You always have a choice: “Do I follow what feels right in my heart, or do I do what ‘they’ expect?”

Some are so full of needing others’ approval that admitting their true dreams would be the death of their identity.
The process of becoming who you are, is a process of letting go to the innate brilliance you have always been. Can you do what is aligned with you, even if your spouse, friends or church dis-agrees? Do you know you have the voice of God within YOU? Are you listening?

Let go. Feel your dreams as real within your being. Playfully ask “why?” you want these things. You will discover the noble truth of your desire; that all you desire is about you becoming more of you–more embodied Love. And, at the same time, we need the experience. The journey within the external world calls forward more God/Love/Life… through us, and through the alchemy of desire.

You are a unique complete expression of God. You are God. Everything has been given to you. You are either a co-creator of your life, or a victim. Cruel things do happen. However, how you interpret these events means heaven or hell within your own heart. Everything happens for your greatest good, IF you choose to see it this way–(that life is for you).

Stop trying to prove to others your dreams are real. Your dream is an evolutionary calling to become more yourself. Stop trying to get one person to be your world. Stop thinking your job is your only source of income. There are many, many doors of good wanting to come to you if you can only stop staring at the one door.

Turn on the light now. Give permission to the love, joy, beauty, and brilliance within you now. Give permission to your dreams. You have a choice to say yes to life, or no. This is your free will. Choose Yes. Please choose Yes. The world needs your shine!

Barbra White


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