The Planetary Aura: Part III of a Series about Auras


Our planet Earth is a living Being with an eternal spirit, soul and a physical body to house them. Her aura is the energy field that surrounds, interpenetrates and creates her physical body, which is also our home.

The scientifically observable aspects of the planet’s aura are called the atmosphere, which is an appropriate term on a lot of levels. The atmosphere is necessary to sustain life; it both protects us from harmful cosmic radiation and maintains breathable air and moisture. An atmosphere is also a term for the quality of energy we sense around a person or place. The healthy atmosphere of our Earth is amazingly nurturing, and unconditionally loving!

My earliest observations of the aura of our world included being aware of the deep peace and power in nature. When I matured and moved to the West Coast, far from my home in metropolitan Detroit, I noticed something when I returned. I saw the aura around Detroit in the late 70s as a dark grey. Later, when visiting neighborhoods in downtown Detroit, I observed places where the aura was missing, like a great hole, leaving a void and a sense of hopelessness. Gratefully, in recent years, the atmosphere in Detroit has been healing, so that there is an increased aliveness and hope.

In recent decades, scientists have noticed a thinning of the ozone layer of the atmosphere of Earth. They blame the destruction of this layer on carbon emissions and other chemical bi-products. I have inquired into this problem with the Earth’s spirit, my planetary healing spirit helpers, and God. Chemicals from industrial and personal use are about half of the cause; the other half is hatred and violence. Just as chemicals eat away the atmosphere, so do spirits of hatred and acts of violence. This explains the holes that I found in the aura of some very bad neighborhoods in Detroit. The aura of Earth has been weakened but will heal with help. In addition to being moderate in the ways we live, I was given some simple but extremely effective things we can do to assist her healing .

1) Forgiveness:

– We can open our hearts to the Earth and to The Higher Power to ask forgiveness for the way that our personal and collective human lifestyle impacts the world negatively. Asking forgiveness initiates healing. The Earth will hear you and it will help her to let go of wounds, and to heal.

– We can ask the Earth’s Higher Self to welcome God into all the places where human hatred and violence have damaged her, and the people, nature and creatures who have also been hurt. We can ask the spirit of forgiveness to heal and regenerate the aura of our planet.

– When you ask for forgiveness, it helps if you suspend judgment. So rather than blaming, simply allow your love for the world to be an invitation to the healing energy.

2) Thankfulness:

– We can give thanks for the natural world and the atmosphere of Earth that provides for and sustains us. Expressing appreciation, gratitude and love are very generative acts. When we talk to a tree, a plant or an animal, telling them they are amazing or beautiful, they hear us and respond; their aura grows brighter and richer in color. Noticing the natural world around us, we can speak to it through our hearts and minds, out loud, or through caring acts to help encourage the bountiful life of the planet.

– When we consume food, products, fuel and enjoy our warm homes, we can give thanks to both the spirit and body of those things we consume. Contemplating what went into the making of the things we eat or use, we can both ask forgiveness for harm done and give thanks. Thankfulness is a generative energy that strengthens the aura of our world and brings a clear, true vibration into life.

3) Trust:

– I have been told that our world and all life will heal and ascend to an experience of wholeness and unconditional love. I am a part of that process and work with those in spirit who are responsible for it. Whole segments of the aura of the planet will be replaced this winter, with an aura that is stronger and higher in vibration to support us in growing into our truth here on Earth, and to sustain life during that process.

by Eve Wilson


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