Trust that Good Things are Coming to You in 2016


With a fresh slate and a new year upon us, trust with your whole heart that good things are on their way to you. Use positive affirmations daily; focus on what you want to pull into your life now. Only think and talk about good things that you want in your life. Keep your vibration high.

Know that you are a co-creator in your life with limitless potential to tap into Universal Consciousness daily. Joy, fulfillment and peace are just a thought and affirmation away. Listen to your inner voice, meditate, slow down and feel your spirit within you awaken. Prosperity, spiritual fulfillment and happiness are waiting for you to claim them. You deserve all good things in your life. Get ready for good things, because they are coming … it is certain!

Realize your personal power; decide to be positive and happy now. When you focus on your goals with positive focus and intention, synchronicity starts to happen. Universal Consciousness speaks to you through the perfect timing of events, occurring at just the perfect time in your life. Will what you want to manifest and watch the good things start flowing to you — success, peacefulness and happiness. Let go of suffering from the past and move forward. Visualize affirmations and feel your soul’s passion expressing its power within you. Attract abundance that has always been there for you to claim.

A 2016 Affirmation – “I know and trust all good things are coming to me in 2016, my beliefs, intentions, and actions manifest my soul’s desire now, I believe, I receive and I’m so very grateful” – Marybeth Rombach Nelson, author, intuitive and Reiki Master.

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