You Can and Do Always Get What You Want. Achieve More This New Year!


You may recall the famous Rolling Stones song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Despite our best efforts, we don’t always seem to get what we want. The reason is simple. There is a struggle going on within you that conflicts with what you consciously want. Let’s explore this struggle and what you can do to achieve more in the New Year.

What you consciously want represents only about 10% of your wanting. The other 90% is in the subconscious and with a 90/10 weighting in its favor, the subconscious usually wins. This is why it seems like you (the conscious mind) doesn’t get what you want, but you as the subconscious mind does get what it wants. Since we are a whole person comprised of both the conscious and subconscious minds, this contradiction can be frustrating and make it harder for you to realize what you wish to consciously manifest. The solution is simple. Bring the conscious and subconscious into alignment.

You may believe you do not know what is in your subconscious, but you do. Everyone knows what is in their subconscious by looking at what they are experiencing in life.

If you are experiencing lack, then your subconscious beliefs are likely to contain thoughts of poverty or unworthiness or the belief that money is the root of all evil. If you find that getting results is hard and requires great effort, then you may have a belief that life is hard or anything worthwhile must take effort.

These are simply beliefs you have bought into, most likely through parental and societal conditioning. The good news is that if you wish to change your life, you can simply change what you believe. You can believe you are worthy of abundance. You can believe all life comes to you with ease. You can believe you are healthy. You just need to change the way you are thinking. Because you have a lifetime of thinking, change can be challenging. Your worldview has become a habit and habits can be hard to change. This is what you can do:

1). Acknowledge you have created the life you have through your thinking.

2). Know that any thought can be uncreated and replaced with a new one.

The power of these acknowledgments should not be underestimated. When you do these two things you have acknowledged yourself as a powerful creator and you have given yourself hope. The rest is easy.

3). Identify what it is that you would like to change. If you want more ease in your life, then create thoughts that life is easy.

4). Uncreate what was created. Declare, “I uncreate all thoughts of hardship and difficulty!” Repeat throughout the day and in meditation.

5). Affirm the new thought, “Life comes to me with ease and grace!” Repeat throughout the day and in meditation.

6). Be consistent, persistent and patient. Your old ways of thinking took a lifetime to create. It is likely to require a little bit of time to uncreate it. Keep at it. Have faith. Do not be dismayed when experiences relating to your old ways of thinking continue to show up. The universe is testing you. The seeds have been planted; continue to nourish them.

7). Amp up the process. While affirmations are creative and powerful, the process can be greatly accelerated. Some suggestions are:

a). Work with an Access BARS practitioner. BARS helps reprogram thinking.

b). Use Ho’oponopono. “I Am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You.” Time does not allow us to explore why this works. Just have faith that it does.

c). Conscious Breathing. Nothing in your life can change without a change in the way you breathe. The creative process and the breath move hand in hand. They are one. The breath moves vast amounts of energy that is under your conscious control. It is the catalyst to accelerate rapid change, because negative and limited thinking cannot exist in its high vibration state. Such thoughts simply weaken and disintegrate. Because the breath is both destroyer and creator, breathe life into your new belief …“Life comes to me with ease and joy!”

d). Meditate. Meditation places you in a state of allowing, and thoughts become just thoughts. Without attachment, the power of limited thinking is diminished. The subconscious becomes clear and the abundance of the universe can easily flow into and through you.

Happy Creating, and May You be Blessed with Happiness, Good Health, Prosperity and Spirituality this New Year.

If you are serious about updating your beliefs, then please join us for our FREE Meditation on Getting What You Want, January 23 at 9pm EST on At that time we will submerge our consciousness into the unconscious and clear the obstructions to getting what we want. Achieve more this year and forever as you learn to create ever more effortlessly and joyfully.

Dave Krajovic

Dave and his wife Pat are co-creators of Ascension Breathing which combines contemporary and ancient teachings to gently yet powerfully ascend above the pinnacle of human potential and beyond to live an inspired life of happiness, peace and prosperity. Contact Dave at 734-416-5200 or


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