New Year to Look Over Your Shoulder


It is the perfect time for most of us to sit down and come up with some decent resolutions for the New Year — lose weight, quit smoking, etc. But when it really comes down to it, how many of us can honestly say that we have stuck to our resolutions? So, we take a different approach or at least in my case, a completely new approach and try to create a resolution that is possible to achieve; and in case it isn’t, well, it is such a large manifestation that we cannot be held accountable if it is not achievable.

For example, in the past few years I have put out larger New Year’s resolutions such as to find love or to be open to the love around me, a new home, being healthier without specifics, etc. These are large manifestations that are achievable but if they do not occur it is easy for me to say, “Well, maybe next year.”

I love hearing all the experts give advice on how to stick with these resolutions, such as, “Here are ten steps to help you stick to the resolutions you have made.” Really? Now, not only do I have to stick with a resolution which is work in itself, but now you want me to do ten more steps to help stick with the original goal? As humans, we start adding up and calculating the work and we give up before we even start.

So, taking all of this into account, how many of us dread the New Year, one of the best times of the year? The energy is all new, it is a great time spiritually to open up and create new manifestations, fresh energy and to even clean out the old. However, how do we create these manifestations healthily without feeling pressured, or looking at it like it has now become a second full time job?

The answer hit me the other day when I heard someone say on TV, “Who are you when no one is looking?” Just like a ton of bricks this quote hit me in the forehead. Something so small can be so much food for thought . When no one is looking, when you are completely in your own state of comfort, who are you? Take a few minutes to let this sink in, all the way to your toes. What habits do you have, what do you always find yourself doing?

Now that you are truly asking yourself this question, now ask yourself, “Are you happy with that?” If, when you are at home and no one is watching, you are downing a box of chocolate, are you happy with that? How about if you are at home and you are obsessively cleaning the house, are you happy with that? Who are you when no one is watching and if you are not happy with that person, then pick something small to work on changing.

It does not have to be big, or huge, but it can be something just for you. Instead of making a huge change, ask yourself, “Who are you when no one is watching?” Put yourself within your own thoughts and you can create the best change for yourself. Remember, it takes twenty-one days to break or create a habit. So give yourself some slack, work on being you and remember, always love you!

Courtney Overfield


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