Dealing with criticism-loving you


“Often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks.”
― Shannon L. Alder

I think Shannon said it all.

Professional criticism is meant to be helpful, to help the artist see things in a different light so that they may improve upon their skills.

Criticism is when someone goes out of their way to purposely tear you down, belittle and debase you. This only means that the criticizer themselves has low self-esteem issues and is most likely jealous of you, and to feel better about themselves, they hurt you.

We only need to look at a popular saying and the title of a book written by Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker for the solution when dealing with these kind of people: “What you think of me is none of my business.”

Well said. In others words, their opinion of you is irrelevant.

I know it can still hurt, so instead of focusing on them and their negative vibe (which is a ‘downer’ and a ‘Harsh to your Groove’) focus, instead, on you and how you feel about you! Focus on all the things you really love and admire about yourself.

Talk to a loved one or a friend for emotional support. Do something you love. Then go ‘all out’ and pamper yourself silly. Most importantly, remember, it’s them not you! Love you!

Creative ways to love you:
· Create a scrapbook, art journal, altered art book, or a collage. It’s up to you, whatever you choose, and compose a homage to you!
· Write your own critique, glorify you! Make yourself the shining star. It’s all about you!
· Throw yourself your own gallery debut, where you only invite those you know who love and adore you.

In the next issue: “Discover yourself through art journaling.”

Abby Lippitt

Intuituve,TransFormational Artist, Abby has been practicing and studying art and metaphysics since childhood. Her Art Education includes: Rhode Island School Of Design & The University Of The Arts, BFA in the Fine Arts, and Minor in Film and Animation. She provides digitally hand-rendered psychometric & mediumistic art prints for commission on art canvas. Call her at: 248-655 0464 or visit:


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