Thank You “Body Mind Spirit Guide”


I would like to thank Penny and everyone involved at Body Mind Spirit Guide for the opportunity to write. I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten to know Penny over the last year. I know that all of you know the size of her heart. I’m also grateful for several of the holistic practitioners that I’ve gotten to know as well, that are part of this wonderful community. It’s truly a community I want to be a part of.

Since picking up the Guide a few years ago, I’ve been drawn to the number of healers in our area. I met my first holistic healer 12 years ago (I was 33 yrs. old at the time) on the Southwest part of the state. She is an energy/body worker that has worked on me and my three daughters, starting with my youngest at 4 months old. This body worker overtime became a mentor and friend.

Since that time, I have worked with at least 25 holistic practitioners from different modalities: Bodyworks, Energy Workers, Astrologers, Yogis, Shamanic Healers, Past Life Transgressions, etc., all with the intent to heal and the commitment to grow spiritually. In addition, I knew that all this would serve me for my highest good.

On Dec 25, (Penny’s birthday) 2014, my heart/intuition/God, spoke to me and told me to write. When my pen hit the paper it wrote a website with blog, podcast and book. Later that morning, there was some clarity around what this was all about. It was to build a spiritual resource center that could help communicate to the world in a mainstream sort of way all the spiritual tools that are out there at one’s disposal. I would not be where I am presently at, without the work from my team.

My team is YOU! The holistic practitioners that have certain gifts that help people on their path. Part of my work is to educate the general public about the importance of building their team as part of their spiritual journey. Again, I’m so grateful and thankful to Penny for letting me share, and being open to figuring out how I can be part of this wonderful community.

Live Brave,
Chris Forte

Chris Forte is a spiritual fitness author, mentor and the host of the Humble Warrior Podcast. Visit: or


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