Using Crystals to Enhance Love


The love that you seek is the love of the Divine that resides within you. That feeling of longing, loneliness and emptiness that we all feel inside at times, comes from a lack of self love. We have forgotten it’s OK to love ourselves; please give yourself permission right now. Almost every situation you can think of is created from a lack of self love; that’s how important it is we start loving ourselves more.

Take money for example, if we truly love ourselves there would never be any lack because we know we are deserving of the infinite universal prosperity. Or relationships, if we can’t love ourselves, how can we expect others to love us? When we do love and care for ourselves, we are radiating this vibration and attracting those to us who want to love and care for us also.

Too often, people are over-prescribed addictive medications to mask the fact that we need to love ourselves more; prozac or xzanax have harmful effects physically and mentally, often not healing the depression or issue. We are all here to love ourselves wholly and unconditionally. By loving ourselves and treating ourselves with kindness, we take our power and recognize the part of the Divine that is within us all. This is why we are here. The world is such a powerful mirror and reflection for us. We treat others the way we treat ourselves; isn’t this a big enough reason to treat ourselves better and in doing so we treat others better?

Oftentimes when we are seeking love from another, what we are actually seeking is the love and connection from the Divine within us. As a reflective mirror, our partners reflect this love back to us through the experiences that we share with everyone. If our love tank is low however, too often we are caught up within ourselves and miss the precious moments and love that life has to offer. Seeing and loving the Divine within ourselves helps us to recognize the Divine within everyone and helps us appreciate everyone’s unique beautiful qualities. This is the path to world peace, by loving ourselves we see and remember we are equal with everyone.

There are a variety of stones we can use to attract and enhance love with ourselves and others. Most of these stones are very beneficial for healing and clearing old wounds as well as past traumas. These stones also help to heal our physical heart; often when someone is experiencing ailments of the heart it is because these old wounds, traumas, energies and emotions need to be cleared.

Rose quartz is one of my favorites. I carry a piece with me every day. It helps me to be gentle and loving with myself, while healing old emotions and wounds from my heart chakra. It surrounds me in a bubble of unconditional love. Ruby connects us with the Christ conscious energies, allowing us to see the Divine within ourselves and all beings. Magnetite or lodestone is an excellent stone for attracting new love to us because of its powerful magnetic properties which also grounds us and clears our meridians.

Emerald aids our ongoing relationship with fidelity. Rhodocrosite helps us to heal old wounds from our childhood. Rhodonite aids us in healing all traumas especially of the heart. Malachite aligns our will with the will of the Divine. Green Tourmaline is a magnificent stone, helping to enhance all of our powerful positive masculine qualities. Pink Tourmaline aids in enhancing all of our positive, strong, nurturing feminine qualities. Both these stones are excellent when used in relationships, helping amplify our natural gender qualities and recognizing them in others.

When Green and Pink Tourmaline form together, we have what’s called, Watermelon Tourmaline; this is a stone that brings us great inner peace while enhancing our gender qualities in relationships. If you’re looking to attract a new partner, carrying a piece of Magnetite and Rose quartz in your pocket allows these stones to transmit their energies and help you attract new love into your life.

If you want to construct a fun, easy crystal healing array for yourself or others, you will need 8 pieces of Rose Quartz. You can use this loving crystal array placed around yourself while sitting or laying down, around your bed or a healing table. Use the 8 pieces of Rose Quartz to surround yourself in the shape of a heart. Sitting in this crystal array for 15 minutes to half an hour will heal your heart chakra, surround all your auras and fill your chakras with a pink gold loving energy. Focus on the feeling of the love increasing in your heart chakra as this area is healed and cleared. Visualize your auras being filled with the pink gold energy of unconditional love, seeing anyone who enters into your aura feeling this loving energy emanating from you.

As the loving energy in your heart continues to increase, allow this unconditional loving energy to form into a pink gold ball of love and light directly in front of your heart chakra. When this ball of loving energy is the size of a beach ball, see and feel this loving ball of energy absorbing into your heart chakra and flowing to every part of your body and cells with its pink gold light. As you feel this loving energy filling all parts of yourself, tell yourself, “Thank you, I love you.” Thank and love all parts of your body and everything it does for you. Allow your auras to stay filled with this pink gold unconditional loving energy, helping to protect and love you.

As you love yourself more, you radiate this love and light, attracting new like-minded people to you. Love yourself as the Divine YOU are, within.

Jennifer VanderWal


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