Discover Yourself Through Art Journaling


Feeling like you’re in a creative rut? Need some new inspiration? Not quite sure what to do? Why not try some art journaling!

Just not feeling it? It happens sometimes.You just don’t feel inspired.Your ‘Idea Well’ has run dry. Don’t despair. I have a remedy for you….art journaling.

Art journaling is when you create a journal filled with all of your creative thoughts and ideas. It can be anything, from a store-bought leather bound book to a spiral notebook. I prefer a large sketchbook, myself. You can even book bind and make it yourself, or use a pre-existing book and transform it into your journal with altered art.

To create an art journal, you will need what you choose for your journal, plus lots of goodies such as:

Drawing pencils – a basic set is good to have
Color pencils and watercolor pencils – Prismacolor is my favorite
Markers – I recommend Copic
Kneaded eraser
Prismacolor Magic Rub Eraser
Paper Mate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick
Archival adhesive
Modge Podge
Acrylics – Golden is the best
Stickers, decals, stamps and stencils
Scrapbook papers

These are just recommendations. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Work with what feels best for you.

Creative ways to use your art journal:

· Make lists of your favorite things, such as colors, flowers, foods, etc., whatever you like, then you can make them into a collage, paint or draw them.
· Write down your positive affirmations and design what they would look like to you.
· Write a diary, poem or short story and illustrate it.
· Try out some new art techniques.
· Experiment with mixed media.
· Write about your journeys, then paint them.
· Keep a record of your dreams, then interpret them in color.

Next month: Free-up creative mental blocks with mindfulness.

Abby Lippitt


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