Ghost Hunting with GHS Paranormal


Is there life after death? Are ghosts real? Can we really communicate with our dearly departed?

These are all great questions and the truth is, for us anyway, we don’t know for certain. While there are many theories out there, we think it generally comes down to a person’s personal experience, or lack thereof, as to whether they believe or not.

As a paranormal team with years of investigating under our belt, it’s safe to say we now have more questions than answers. We also know there are like-minded people out there, looking for answers to their own questions. That’s why my sister and I created, “The GHS (Ghost Hunting Sisters) Paranormal Team.”

We want to provide people like you, the chance to explore a location claimed to be haunted, and seek out your own answers. In addition to providing you with all the same great equipment you’ve seen on popular television shows, we allow the night to become your investigation.

If you’re interested in a hands-on, all-equipment provided ghost hunt, then you’ve found the right team! We are currently taking advanced reservations for the Body Mind Spirit Guide readers for March 19, for a Ghost Hunt in Garden City, MI.

The original family members of this 150 year-old Farmhouse had experienced many documented tragedies in this home, from fires to disease and even death. Is that why we continue to capture unexplained phenomena? You be the judge.
Reservations can be made at using the “Contact Us” tab. Don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page to stay updated on all of our events throughout the year!

Lisa Ganocy RN
Co-Founder GHS Paranormal Team


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