Happy 10th Anniversary “Body Mind Spirit Guide!”


Congratulations to Penny Golden, founder and publisher of the Body Mind Spirit Guide, and to the many people who have contributed so much over the years; those who have played a role in making the magazine the success that it is today.

Thank you for your time, talent, dedication and hard work, for your articles, advertising and listings. Thank you to our distributors, former staff members and supporters in the community, local businesses and holistic practitioners. And thank you to you, our readers!

Ten years ago, Penny Golden was having a milestone birthday, the kind when we decide it’s time for a transition, a time to make big changes in our life. She wanted to start a new career, but had no idea what that career would be.

“I wanted my first priority to be that I love what I do, to love my work and my life,” she said. She made a list of all the things she enjoyed doing, but found it difficult to pick just one. On a trip to New York City with her husband, Howard, who has been a great support to her and Body Mind Spirit Guide all these years, she happened to come across a spiritual publication.

“As I read through the magazine, I realized that it encompassed everything on my list,” said Penny. “I didn’t know where to begin, but I knew that starting a magazine and being of service to others was what I wanted to do.”

We are grateful for her generous, enduring commitment and the impact that her vision has had on our communities and the world.

As we celebrate our Tenth Anniversary, we are equally excited about the future and new additions that will be included in the Guide, starting with this issue! Check out our new “Events” column!

Once again, Thank You to the Body Mind Spirit Guide community. We look forward to staying connected with you!

Visit our website: www.BodyMindSpiritGuide.com for an extensive list of classes and events, as well as www.BodyMindSpiritRadio.com for a variety of weekly shows that are broadcast internationally!

Kathy Henning
Editor Body Mind Spirit Guide


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