Five Keys to Finding Strength in Difficult Times


Do you ever feel that life is not working for you? Do you feel depressed, sad and frustrated more often than you would like? Does life seem like it is always a struggle? If so, then you are likely fighting with reality, arguing with what is, getting nowhere fast and you are wasting precious life force. Stop!

What if you could find a way to find the strength to move from frustration and despair to faith and hope? What if you could find a way to move through life with ease and find peace? How exciting to ascend above the problems, connect to Source energy and live an inspired life!

It is possible to do this and more! How? By learning to master your day.

By becoming the Master of your day, you will not only be able to endure, stay the course, stop arguing with reality, and persevere through difficult times, but you will also learn to thrive.

Resistance to what is, is at the root of your difficulties. It makes change harder and increases your frustration since that is where all the attention is. When frustration increases, there is even more focus on the situation and the cycle of despair and frustration perpetuates itself.

But there is hope. What is needed is a new approach that works with and not against Universal flow. Struggle, drama, pain, strife and suffering can all dissolve into peaceful presence and acceptance. From that place, you can become inspired to act with love and compassion. From there you will thrive.

Here are the five golden keys that will transform and uplift your day:

· Presence

· Mystery

· Gratitude

· Inspiration

· Love

Presence is surrendering to what is. Affirm “I am here now in this.” Know that fighting what is, is not only exhausting but will limit your choice for solutions. Einstein said it best, “Problems cannot be solved on the same level (of consciousness) as they were created.”

Mystery is knowing Life is a great mystery and that we are not fully conscious of the depth of what is really going on. There is a deeper meaning to everything and every experience. The Divine Mystery is working Its plan for the evolution of your Soul. Come into the awe of what is happening; trust and surrender.

Gratitude is giving thanks for your experience and the soul lesson learned. It is a deepening of the acceptance of what is. Once these divinely inspired lessons are learned, the repetitive patterns that limit you are gone forever. You open to new possibilities.

Inspiration, through surrendered action, is quieting the mind and body to hear the wisdom of your Inner Guidance.This is where Source inspires you. It is the process of creating a solution at a level above that from which it was created.

Love is entering into a loving space and presence for the mystery at work. Love is the force behind the Mystery. Know that Love moves through all things and is in all things. Let Love now BE the energy behind the actions you take based on the inspiration you received.

These five energies will empower you. They will reset the tone of your day to one of faith, hope and acceptance. Their power is enhanced when you learn to breathe them awake and connect to Universal flow. This leads to Mastery of your day and life as you ascend from …

· Despair to hope

· Fear to courage

· Doubt to faith

· Disempowered to empowered

· Depressed to enthusiastic

· Victim to Master

Ascend above your limitations now and restore peace and joy to your life.

Join me and my wife Pat on Sunday, February 7 as we learn about, experience and thrive in our Inspiring One Day Program The 5 Golden Keys to Mastering Your Day. This program works best when combined with our short program Creating the Perfect Day which will be held Friday Evening, February 5, 2016. You can learn more by going to or calling 734-416-5200.


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