Life after Life – A True Story


My father taught me a great deal, both while he was alive and after he passed away. He taught me unconditional love, and when I became a healer in my early teens, he became my first client. By welcoming me to be his healer, he received remarkable healing, and helped me learn that I had gifts and how to use them. When he passed away during my 26th year, everything changed in my life.

I truly believe that if I hadn’t been my father’s healer, he would have passed away sooner than he did, but I was young to lose him, though I understood it was his time to go. I was really surprised when shortly after his funeral I saw him clear as day, although slightly transparent. He was standing at the front of a religious service that I was attending. He was listening intently, tipping his head side to side as he tried to discern the integrity of the teaching. It was not so long after that when I decided to leave the group.

When a person passes away, the opening to spirit that allows that soul to pass into the light, may allow important messages to influence those left behind. A few months after my father’s passing, my two careers as a Dental Assistant and a Massage Therapist came to abrupt ends during a single terrible week. During a conversation with God following those endings, I was clearly told to become a professional spiritual healer, and I have always felt my father carried that message to me in the way that I could hear. I was told to make another huge life change the day after my mother’s funeral; one that I would have resisted had it not come in such a clear and personal way.

In the years following my father’s death, I built my healing practice and began teaching Healer Practitioners; and he would often be there, sitting on the stairs and participating in classes and healing treatments. It was a comfort to have him there, but I eventually realized that he had never gone into the light! He had stayed to be with his family. When I asked him if he was ready to go into the light, he was. I did my final healing for him when I helped him cross over, and it was a joyful event, knowing that he was leaving behind the heavy burdens he carried in that lifetime. When I later found him once more sitting on my stairs during one of my classes, I asked him what it was like on the other side. He was enthusiastic about his new experience, saying there was so much to do where he was. He was studying psychology and it was very interesting! I got the sense that for him the world of spirit was like a great university offering every course you could ever desire; all knowledge and truth. He was alight with it!

I experienced many difficult life changes in the years following my father’s death, and I became accustomed to his loving presence and support. After he crossed into the light, his continued presence was even more wonderful, because he was increasingly full of light and truth. The heaviness that weighed on him when he was alive, and after his death but before he went into the light, was no longer present. He looked, acted and felt young, alive and full of hope.

One day he came to tell me that he had places to go and things to do for his own evolution and it was time for me to let him go, that I no longer needed a father. I was very sad and asked him to stay, and he agreed to do so for a little while. But I knew this was selfish of me and after a few weeks I told him that I understood, and that I would be okay when he was gone. And of course, I was and am fine, although I often think of him with gratitude and love.

Some years later, I was shown that he was reincarnating as a baby boy into a family that I knew. But as it played out I wasn’t able to be a part of his life this time; I needed, once again to let him go. I am okay with that. I remember my father in many of my earlier incarnations, and I believe that we will know each other again in the future. I can wait for that time, because I feel confident that when the time is right, coming together in a new way will be such a joy, that it will have been well worth waiting for!

Eve Wilson


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