What does the light bring?


Auras show us the prefect picture of what is going on with us physically, mentally, emotionally and of course, spiritually at a given point in time. They are defined in the Western Hemisphere as, “A luminous radiation of energy field surrounding us,” which is a simple explanation that only touches on a small aspect of what an aura provides to us within our daily lives.

Let me first define a term. The aura’s physical light source is known as Prana which means, life force. The Aura works as a layer of energy interconnecting all other subtle bodies and acts like a shield covering and protecting us. We view it as an energy force protruding out from the body in the shape of an egg .

The aura is commonly known by the colors and size of the energy field, though there are some other items which also play a role, such as when we view an aura does it appear:

· Fuzzy – not having clear boundaries
· Wall – a defensive wall you have built around your physical body
· Spiky – wounded
· Neutral – knowing self and direction

Here, we are only briefly touching on the importance and value of our Auras. Not only can it tell your frame of mind, health and spiritual direction, it also functions as a means to:

· Define Personal Space – finding a comfortable area or distance

· Knowing – when you are in the right place at the right time

· Maintaining a Healthy Body – knowing when to rest and what to eat

· Self Purpose – having inspiration and passion about what you do in life

· Communicate – will increase your personal charisma and the power of your words

· Attract Desire – helps you to avoid most common manifestation problems

· Protection – sense uncomfortable areas, situations and people as well as helps you avoid danger when you listen. It will react and effect the stomach chakra when the situation might be adverse

· In Making Choices – use the energy to sense the choice that is best for you

· Non-Locally Affect Others – you can use the aura to send messages and healing energy to someone

· Find Lost Things – the aura can become sensitized to feel or transmit energy by means of an energy cord

As you can see, the energy force we call an aura is far more than just the egg that surrounds us. It provides and helps us function through life on a daily basis. You can learn to see and use your own aura in the, Opening To Enlightenment workshop, as well as use the sense that the aura brings into your life.

Nancy Weil

For more information visit www.NancyOTE.com


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