Don’t Move Forward, Just Expand and Get Further, Faster


A common phrase today is, “moving forward”. It is often how we think about living in a positive way or achieving something new. But do you realize that this is actually limiting? It is limiting because it is a mental concept of linear movement from here to there that actually locks us into time and space, not the ever-expanding now. If our value is to “live in the now”, focusing on moving forward immediately takes us out of the now and disempowers us.

There is a way to perceive and achieve change that is not linear, it is “spherical”. It is both heart-centered and intuitive. When we consciously create in a spherical way, it is both holistic and inclusive of more than ourselves. We begin by connecting to our heart and soul, in the here and now. Then we allow ourselves to feel our desire for change. This activates our inherent creative ability, our God-given free will.

In this way, we are more than just our physical self, seemingly alone, “moving forward” or being pushed back by external forces that we are “at the effect of”. In this spherical modality we understand that we are connected to the unified field of non-physical beings and energy that surrounds us, dancing with us and bringing forth our thoughts and desires. The unified field wants to help us create. So, we need to be aware of this Field and also connect with it and collaborate with it, requesting “its” help. And this does not make us vulnerable, it truly empowers us to be conscious creators. As we know, what we think about comes about. We may have something positive in our mind, but fears or doubts are more powerful.

Exactly how do I create a gift for myself that I never dreamed possible or that is outside my comfort zone? (See my last month’s Guide article.) My article next month will describe the process of creating your gift, or join my discussion forum by contacting me at:

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