Can you have more than one soulmate?


We dream it as we would like it to be, as it is glamorized in movies and novels, but your life does not seem to mirror the true love moments described in such stories (often called chick flicks). Can’t tell you how many hours I have spent watching Lifetime and Hallmark channels (to only name a few) dreaming of those perfect scenarios to play out in my life. We all know they are fantasy, but we look at our own reality after watching or reading love stories and feel cheated or disappointed at times.

Now, I don’t mean to sound negative, as this is the month of love after all; I just want you to look at true love as it is in real life, because it can be a bit different than the love stories you have been watching. Have you read the book, “50 Shades of Gray”? This trilogy was written by a woman author, E.L. James, and has sold more than 100 million copies, and counting. The men that read it (and some women) missed that she was not writing a sex fantasy novel. No, it was not about the “Red Room”, however, men did not see past this element of the story and did not understand why women devoured this trilogy.

This speaks to how different men and women think, as depicted in the book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” The story was more about how a man may deal with sex abuse, and how it played out in his trying to reconcile it with continuing the abuse on others. Women are usually the victims of such abuse, but in this novel the tables were turned and we see things from a much different perspective. Anastasia (female character in story) wanted to protect and heal Christian (male character in story) from the emotional scars handed out to him by an abuser. These characters played out one type of soulmate scenario, and women could see their heartfelt love story in it.

Quite often people, especially males, confuse sex with love, but sexual attraction wears off sooner than later. However love, true love, lives on through the years. You often hear that the best relationships are founded in friendship not just sex. Chemistry is of course very important, but sex cannot, nor should it be, the centerpiece of a healthy loving relationship.

As part of the wedding vows we repeat the words, “Until death do us part,” but does death really end our relationship with our soulmate? No, in fact you will continue to work out your soul’s development on this planet even after your soulmate moves on into the spirit world.

You see, our soul is divided up into twelve parts, and each of those parts are divided up into twelve and so on; designed much like the structure of an atom. Hence the term soulmate; you meet them to help you evolve on this Earth Plane of existence. Sometimes, only one is on the Earth with you, maybe all twelve or in some cases, none. All of this brings me back to soulmate love.

A soulmate is not just a romantic lover or mate; your soul has many facets to it that need to evolve, thereby we need to learn many things from more than just one source. When a soulmate(s) comes into our life, they are helping us learn about ourselves, enabling us to complete our lessons in this school of life. So, we can have a soulmate that may be a lover, friend, parent, teacher, child, or partner in marriage. We are complicated beings with a simple need, to be loved and to love unconditionally. Love is the universal thread that keeps our souls evolving toward God.

Have a loving Valentine’s Day, Wendy Powers

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