Opening to Enlightenment Presents: The Downriver Spirit Fest


If you want to change the world, take that first step

That has always been the motto behind the creation and development of my company, “Opening to Enlightenment”
(OTE). The company focuses on three core areas of strength: Learning (workshops& seminars), Intuitive and Clairvoyant
Sessions (personal readings), and Special Events (e.g., Spirit Fests). My goal is to create a place that helps people obtain
insights that could be used to break through current barriers within their lives or to connect with spirits and past events
which often provide a broader understanding and clarity of events impacting their lives.

The impact of this would be like tossing a pebble into water and watching the ripples move out from where the stone has
broken the surface. With each person we help and positively impact their life, they will then impact the people around
them as they feel the change. In turn, those people will begin to impact others, and so on and so on. Providing information
and knowledge through our business offerings, Opening to Enlightenment contributes to making this world in a better
place by helping you soar far beyond your current circumstances in life. We help you take that first step! Think how
incredible it is taking that first, small step which can have such a large impact in helping your world and the world
around you!

We would like to invite you to attend the Downriver Spirit Fest on March 12, 2016. This Festival is featuring a highly
talented group of mediums and healers as well as a wonderful set of vendors. Please keep in mind you are the pilot of
your thoughts and decisions; take what you need from the information offered to you and discard the rest.
If you want to change the world, take that first step.

Opening to Enlightenment is looking forward to you having an exciting day of insight and relaxation.

Nancy Lynn

For further information call: 571-989-2408 or email

downriver spirit fest


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