#DetroitRising Expands It’s Awareness For The Community Listing Statements and BIO’s Of It’s Speakers


#DetroitRising Expands It’s Awareness For The Community Listing Statements and BIO’s Of It’s Speakers

CONTACT: Alicia Douglas
Founder/CEO PIP Passion in Philanthropy TM.
Driving Social Innovation

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, #DetroitRising and Microsoft are hosting an initial one-day summit for this discussion to take place. The agenda is based on the Rockefeller Foundation’s “City Resilience Framework” and “Social Innovation Lab Guide,” which use a whole system approach for guiding social innovation in cities. Our primary goal is to identify the next steps for Detroit communities and obtain commitments from individuals and groups to ensure those next steps are taken.
#DetroitRising aims to bring all sectors of society together to transform Detroit into a resilient city. We believe this transformation needs to begin in our neighborhoods. We are inviting you to join a community discussion to recognize the important work already being done in Detroit’s communities, as well as identify work that still needs to take place. We hope to generate practical solutions to accelerate social innovation, equity, and empowerment within our neighborhoods.

Susan Ambrosini
Associate with Arup

Ambrosini has ten years of urban planning experience focused on resiliency, sustainability, transit-oriented development, land use, urban design, transportation planning, and economic development, with a strong background in community planning and participation.
She has an extensive understanding of municipal government operations and has worked with a variety of types of agencies and departments in different cities. Public outreach has been a key component of many of her projects, and she is skilled at developing successful community communications strategies, facilitating public meetings, and working with a variety of community organizations.

Amy Cortese
Award-winning Journalist and Editor
Covering topics spanning business, finance, food, wine and environmental issues, Cortese’s work has appeared in the the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, New York, Business Week, the Daily News, Portfolio, Mother Jones, Afar, The American, the Daily Beast, Talk, Business 2.0 and Wired, among other publications. Her book, Locavesting: The Revolution in Local Investing and How to Profit From it (John Wiley & Sons, June 2011), draws upon her experience covering these diverse realms to explore how a small shift in investment away from multinationals towards locally-owned enterprises can reap enormous economic and social benefits for individuals, their communities and the country.

Chris Dadson
London, United Kingdom
Social Investment Policy Advisor at the UK Cabinet Office to the Social Investment Business

Chris is responsible for developing new funds at the Social Investment Business (SIB), including a new fund product, ‘Local Impact Funds’, which will provide social investment to communities as part of SIB’s place based investment strategy.
SIB is the largest social investment finance intermediary organization in the UK, having provided over £350m in social investment into over 1,300 charities and social enterprises since 2002. Chris is on a two year secondment from the Social Investment Team in the UK Cabinet Office.

Kevin Jones
Asheville, North Carolina
Co-Founder & Convener, Social Capital Markets
Neighborhood Economics

Kevin Jones creates information businesses inside emerging markets. He believes that markets emerge in conversation, as people try to explain and understand value. But this market is not like others he’s been in, and that’s what makes it more interesting and more important.
Besides SOCAP, Kevin is founder of Good Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in social enterprises. He is also part of the team launching the first U.S. node of the Hub, a network of more than a dozen work spaces for social entrepreneurs in cities across the world from Cairo to London. His previous six businesses all achieved market dominance before he left or sold them. He has been a columnist for Forbes and Business 2.0 magazines. He has been on the boards of Social Enterprise Alliance, the association of non-profit social enterprises, and Social Venture Partners International, a network of engaged philanthropy circles. Kevin also led a malaria project in Zwaziland and Mozambique, working with Jeff Sachs of The Earth Institute at Columbia University. Finally, during his 20-year business career in Mississippi he was heavily involved in public school advocacy. He twitters @kevindoylejones.

Jessica Norwood
Montgomery, Alabama
Founder and Executive Director
Emerging ChangeMakers Network

A tireless activist committed to the cause of community investing, Jessica Norwood labors at the intersection of empowering grassroots leadership and facilitating innovative entrepreneurial ideas. Armed with an encyclopedic understanding of the intricacies of business development, she deploys strategies in the areas of capital, policy and leadership development to transform the systems that prohibit communities from thriving in an increasingly harsh economic climate.
As a leading social entrepreneur in her native Alabama, Jessica is a vocal evangelist for investing as a strategy to build community resiliency. Identifying the need for a springboard for those with a vested interest in the financial vibrancy of their respective communities, in 2012, she established the Emerging ChangeMakers Network. This initiative targets disenfranchised communities within the Deep South, providing a user-friendly business development toolbox of sorts that allows civically dedicated individuals to actively invest in their communities. An offshoot of the program, SOUL’UTIONS, was launched shortly thereafter, encompassing a network of investment clubs supporting socially conscientious businesses and economically vulnerable communities throughout the area.
As the face of these progressive initiatives, Jessica has shared her considerable expertise across the business arena, serving as a lead consultant for the following entities: the Center for Social Inclusion, Black Land Loss Prevention Project and Leadership Capacity after Hurricane Katrina; Oxfam America, Coastal Communities Land and Water Restoration Policy; and Managing Director, League of Independent Voters, League of Young Voters Education Fund and the League of Pissed-Off Voters PAC.

Lesley D. Slavitt
Head, Civic Engagement &
CEO, FCA Foundation

FCA Foundation and welcome the opportunity to participate in discussions about accelerating social innovation and community empowerment during the #DetroitRising Summit. We look forward to engaging with partner stakeholders across multiple sectors who all powerfully believe, as we do, in the exciting future that lies ahead for Detroit.

Tim Soerens
Seattle, Washington
Co-Founder, Neighborhood Economics
Co-Founder, Parish Collective
Curator of Place Based Innovation & Meaning Tracks, Social Capital Markets

Tim Soerens is a pastor, social entrepreneur, and co-founding director of the Parish Collective. As co-director of the Parish Collective he convenes ministry leaders, teaches, and consults with organizations seeking human flourishing in particular neighborhoods while also working collaboratively across the city. He is also the co-founding producer of the Inhabit Conference and the new “Leadership in the New Parish” certificate program at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.
Tim is a founding adviser to the Hub-Seattle, an innovative co-working space for change makers in both non-profit and business sectors. He earned a BA in Rhetorical Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters of Divinity from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

David J. Tulauskas
Director, Sustainability
General Motors Company

“Thank you for meeting with GM and extending an invitation to the #DetroitRising Summit. I’m pleased to inform you that representatives from GM will be participating in the #DetroitRising Summit.”

Brian Willson
Director, Solution Sales and Interim General Manager, Microsoft’s Heartland District covering MI, OH, KY and TN.

“Solving Detroit’s social and environmental problems requires us to come together and collaborate in new ways. The summit will provide a starting point for all sectors of society to discuss and brainstorm solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing Detroit’s communities.”

To attend, please RSVP at http://detroitrisinginitative.splashthat.com. We will have a block of hotel rooms reserved at the Westin Southfield Detroit, located next to Microsoft’s office. Please email me at alicia@pippassion.com if you would like to reserve a room.


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