The Five Love Languages


The_Five_Love_LanguagesThe five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate is a 1995 book by Gary Chapman outlining five ways to express and experience love called “love languages”. The author suggest that people feel loved when you use the “love language” that they perceive as an act of love and that these acts fill up a metaphoric “love tank” to gauge if and how much you them. He states that a person has one primary and one secondary “love language” and if you are not using your partners “love language” they are not aware or registering your acts as love.

Here is a Summary of The Five Love Languages:
• Words of Affirmation: (Appreciation) Words of praise and affection.
• Acts of Service: (Devotion) act of labor, ie washing dishes, running errands ect.
• Receiving Gifts: (Providing) physical gifts, food, roses, money, clothes etc.
• Quality Time: (Attention) Being present and listening with undivided presence.
• Physical Touch: (Intimacy) Physical Touch, Sex, Hugging, Back Rubs etc.

The book is a great resource because it teaches you how to work with 5 of the “love Languages” but it does not connect them to our 5 human senses nor does it include the other two ways we perceived/received love, so I have created a chart below to give you an even fuller sense of how they can be used to communicate love.

No. Love Language Chakras Elements Senses Identities Power
7 Think the best of them Crown Heaven Thought Universal Know
6 See the best in them Third Eye Light Imagine Archetypal See
5 Affirming Word Throat Sound Hear Creative Express
4 Physical Touch Heart/Lungs Air Touch Social Accept
3 Acts of Service Solar Plexus Fire See Ego Define
2 Receiving Gifts Sacrum Water Taste Emotional Gratify
1 Quality Time Root Earth Smell Physical Preserve

It’s best to find your primary “Love Language” first and then find your mates. Keep in mind that everyone has all 7 ways of receiving/perceiving love though we tend to value some more than the others, and some we even ignore entirely so it helps to know which one(s) a person values. We keep track of what we VALUE!
You may be working very hard to show someone how much you love someone and they may not even notice. Once you know what they VALUE, it will be easy to speak their language and express your love to them. And you may even open up to receiving more love by becoming aware of 7 ways love can enter your life.

Mastering this will allow to improve all your relationships, not just your romantic ones because everyone needs LOVE! Love is the UNIVERSAL ENERGY of life, it’s like GOLD, it keep its value no matter what currency or country you’re in and the UNIVERSAL ENERGY of LOVE has the power to heals physically, mentally and spiritually. It fills us up with joy and makes us happy and whole. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Penny Golden 2016


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