“THE LAWS OF CHAOS” Wisdom from “A Course in Miracles”


The Laws of Chaos: 1) Truth is different for everyone. 2) Mistakes call for punishment. 3) We define how God thinks. 4) We have what we have taken. 5) Our brothers stole the key to our happiness and we must attack to get it back.

As a student and teacher of “A Course in Miracles” since 2001, I’ve learned that when Jesus (the Course’s author) starts numbering things, I’d better pay attention! Such is the case in his discussion of the “Laws of Chaos”. Here, Jesus discusses five “Laws” that contribute to the world’s pain and suffering in a major way. But he also explains that these laws are merely part of the gigantic illusion that we’ve made of our world because, while we are indeed benevolent and incredibly powerful spiritual beings, our inherent power coupled with our vivid but still child-like imaginations have made most of us forget this Reality, and have allowed the imaginary Laws of Chaos to gain total control over our lives!

Jesus teaches that we’ve simply made a mistake in the use of our collective “thought power” and have inadvertently placed ourselves under the tyranny of laws that cannot possibly be true. But he also lets us know that by calling on his guidance and that of the Holy Spirit, the Laws of Chaos problem can be easily resolved. And the “icing on the cake”, the “living happily ever after part” is that when we put His solution into effect, we’ll find ourselves “miraculously” restored to the Laws of God, the Real Laws that govern our lives! And, that these Laws will naturally and easily produce the peace and joy that we are all so diligently seeking!

By Jim White
Jim White is an accomplished teacher of “A Course in Miracles.” He is President of “Love Communications Ministries”, an organization exclusively devoted to promoting the teachings of ACIM. Jim can be reached at: 734-446-5536 or by e-mail at: info@lovecomm.org


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