Beautiful Spiritual Energy


There is an amazing spiritual energy through which enlightened levels of spirit act and create in the world. This spiritual substance and the Higher Intelligence which directs it are available to us when our intentions are aligned with the greater good for all. Then we become co-creators with the Higher Intelligence of life and witness to miracles.

All life has a spiritual basis which directs and animates physical forms. Spiritual energies come in a wide range of vibrations, qualities and intentions and each serves an important function. Some are unconditionally loving and some of them are not. Some may seem to be truly negative, but actually serve the greater good by making us evolve and grow strong.
Some may seem to be loving and good, but are actually harmful; still they make us grow in necessary ways, so that is good too. Some spiritual energies are powerful but not unconditionally loving and help us for a price, which is not always evident when we first engage with them; but it can be high. Spiritual energies of unconditional love are powerful too, but they come freely to anyone whose intention is aligned with the greater good for all.

When working to effect change in our lives or world, it benefits us to work with unconditionally loving levels of spirit because they will only work for what is in everyone’s highest good, and in the right way and time. This is a safety net for spiritual workers, because it insures that you won’t be taking on any karmic debts or negative backlash from what you are doing. It also protects you from getting what you want at the wrong time or in the wrong way for your greater good.

Many years ago I needed a car, and decided I wanted a particular make and model, although I had only a limited amount of money to spend. Instead of meditating to ask my Higher Self for help, I asked a man, who I only later realized didn’t know cars mechanically, though for a living he guided people to used ones. He found my desired car, but I soon realized it was a lemon; so another car had to be purchased and I didn’t have any savings left! This time I meditated and asked my Higher Self to direct me to the right car for me. When I found it, my salesman happened to know my deceased father, and went out of his way to help me get a loan I could afford. That car was a gem and I am forever grateful for his generosity.

Aligning with your own Higher Self can be done by a willingness to surrender agendas. You connect through heart, mind and body while holding an intention of unconditional love. Your Higher Self is most easily found 8 – 20 inches above your head; welcome it to come into you so you are connecting your Higher Self with your physical self. Then meditate on your goal, asking that it manifest in the right way and time for the highest good, even if it comes differently than you envision it. Hold that true intention for the highest good to happen within you, even if it means delaying or deferring your results until things can work out optimally. It is like making a very good investment which temporarily ties your money up, but when it comes to term you have a whole lot more than you started with. Trusting this process allows spiritual and practical miracles to happen, bringing you and others great benefits!

The beautiful spiritual energy that creates through unconditional love is generated in the world through the union of your physical self and your Higher Self. Some call it, The Holy Spirit and it is exquisitely clean, complex and purely aligned with the Higher Power. It heals us, creates, and can guide our life in the right ways if we are committed to the path of unconditional love.

Unconditional love isn’t about doing what others want, or trying to make people feel good; it has a higher intention than that. Pleasing others doesn’t always serve the greater good, and often doesn’t even serve them very well. Unconditional love is love for the greater good for all. To know it we have to trust our Higher Self to guide us to what is right; because our human self may not be able to see clearly why sometimes what I want isn’t really what is good for me, or why what someone else wants isn’t really good for them.

But as you align your will with your Higher Self, you get glimpses of a higher purpose, and occasional wide vistas of perspective that can totally change your life. You have this potential within you as you choose to align with your Higher Self. Then you will experience the beautiful spiritual energy and its powerful work within the world.

By Eve Wilson


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