Chakras and Your Dog


You may already be aware of the human electrical system which includes seven major Chakra centers in the body. Do you know that your dog has chakras? She/he has eight major Chakras. Identical with humans, the seven begin with the Root Chakra, which is our connection to Mother Earth. They rise upwards on the body (towards the head) to the Sacral Chakra, Solar plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown Chakras. Add the eighth, the Brachial Chakra discovered by Margrit Coates (a world renowned animal communicator and healer.) In my work with dogs, I find the Brachial Chakra helps me assess the overall vitality of a dog. It also helps me make a more loving connection with the dog to enable the task at hand.

Each chakra, whether human or animal, has a specific place along with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions within the being. They each have their own associated color and unlike our auras, these do not change their color.They can however change in their vibrations, brightness or shape and each one can affect the function of others. Imbalanced chakras can be detected and assisted in their rebalancing through the many modalities of energy work.Energy work stimulates the body and its systems to self-correct and bring the being into balance. I use massage and crystals in my energy work with dogs.

The bright yellow colored Solar plexus Chakra is the focus this month. Considered the second brain, it is all about personal power and self control. Think about the control of breath, such as holding one’s breath in fear. The diaphragm is one of the physical associations with this chakra. Organs and disorders of the digestive system can be other physical complaints. Emotional imbalances may range from low self-esteem to aggression. Trauma to the dog such as mental or physical abuse and a disadvantageous environment can also result in problems with this chakra. Stress and breathing are directly related and in turn affect every other system in the body.

Crystals that are energetically aligned to assist the Solar plexus Chakra include Citrine, Yellow or Imperial Amber, Topaz, Tiger Eye and Ametrine. Note that these match the vibrational color of the chakra. Since the digestive system is indicated, diet is another factor for consideration. Remember that food is medicine and energy work is not a substitute for veterinary care.

by Mary Jo Nieson


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