Expand or Contract? Where do you Stand?


Last month my article was called, “Don’t move forward, just expand and get further, faster.” I described how the concept of moving forward limits and contracts us in a number of ways. The first is that it locks us into time and space with the goal to get somewhere else, preferably fast, thus taking us out of the now and focusing us on some goal “out there” to get to.

Another limitation is that it locks us into separation (the Earthly challenge) which is the feeling of being alone, and we simply are not alone. We are a part of a larger and much more powerful field of energy that some name, “the greater field.” It is especially designed so that when we expand into the field, we connect with so much more. It’s tricky because living in 3D “reality”, we cannot physically see our greater field and all it holds. But we are, by nature, fascinated by the unseen. We are amazed by what we call, miracles.

We can find our way to create more of our truth, purpose and destiny in a much simpler way by expanding from within and connecting to the greater field, thus creating more and more of the abundant prosperity, exuberant joy and rich spiritual connection right from where we are. We do this by holding our own heart and soul with warm and loving respect, by believing that we have all that we need both inside our own self and honoring the built-in connection to our nonphysical beings who love to help us. When we pay attention to what we need and really intensely desire, the unified field that IS always available is ready to move into action awaiting our request for help.

How do we do this?

We use our free will to allow both the logic of the left brain and the intuition of the right to work together. Here are the first two steps: 1) experiment with the possibility of believing in the greater field and 2) feel all your feelings so that you can discover your unconscious limitations.

“The smokescreen of the world is lifted. Everything is interconnected within a great, joyous vibration. Life becomes vaster, truer, more alive…It is light, alive, loving.” Sri Aurobindo

By Barbara Rose Smith, MSW


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