Spirits and Children


By Ray Fraser

I have been a professional spirit medium for more than 40 years. Back in the day in the 1970s and 1980s, the concerns over children contacting spiritual friends were few and far between. Now, I get a call almost every week from a parent who is concerned about their child’s interaction with invisible friends.

Because parents observe their children having interactions with unseen intelligences, they are uncertain. I found that these interactions involved friends or family members who had passed. The energies of relatives were easily recognizable to youngsters who had not yet been advised that spiritual contact was a thing to be feared.

Fueled by television and movies the depth of concern by parents has reached new levels, with parents fearful of their children being possessed by an unwelcome spirit. Recent concerns involve children who seem to express multiple personalities indicating that they are being influenced by spirit entities.

For the most part, these fears are unfounded. If the children’s behavior becomes expressive of spiritual influence, it may indicate that it’s time to take some corrective action. As a general rule, I still feel that the energies that the children see come primarily from close family members or friends who have passed. However, each situation is unique. I am seeing more and more situations where children are simply expressing mediumship abilities which make them sensitive to virtually any spirit entity that wishes to make its presence known.

One element that has been present in many contacts is water. It seems that many children have contact experiences when in or near the water. In the event that your child seems to have a problem with taking a bath or shower, it may be that they are being contacted during those times. Another contributing factor is age. It seems that adolescents, perhaps due to their changing body and hormonal energies, seem to draw spirits into their vibration.

I’ve been asked, “How young is too young for spirit contact?” We are in the time of indigo children, crystal-children, and more recently rainbow-children. These titles refer to children who are highly advanced in spiritual knowledge and understanding. My son has always been spiritually advanced and has experienced the water influence. I believe that his natural mediumship ability has helped him to become the successful person that he is, but also in helping him keep a close eye on a very successful future.

Some children exhibit spiritual awareness almost from birth. My granddaughter sat in séance starting about the age of three. While there were circumstances which related to physical surroundings that she didn’t understand, she was very comfortable with the spiritual events. As she grew older, she was able to help kids her own age gain understanding of spiritual events which were occurring in their lives. Concurrently, my son has always expressed significant spiritual intuition, having read for children and adults at the many psychic fairs and festivals which we have attended. He is more comfortable dealing with spiritual energy than most adults are.

What should you do if your child shows these tendencies? The first thing is to not panic; the spiritual sensitivity is normal in youngsters who are naturally curious. Your child may be showing a very special gift which he or she has been given. First, try and work with your child to identify the spirits they sense The contacting spirits may be someone that might be recognized. If not, there are transient spirits who may have just been attracted by your child’s light. If your child seems disturbed, frightened, or upset about the spiritual activity, then I might suggest that you bring them in for a discussion with me at Mystiques West. There is no charge for this service.

Understanding the makeup of the afterlife or spirit world can often ease the feeling of anguish that the loss of a loved one may bring. I am pleased to be able to offer grief counseling at no charge at Mystiques West.

Finally, as it relates to children, most of our society is not comfortable with children having spiritual encounters, so it would be best that their spiritual interest or ability not be made public knowledge. Certainly the educational environment could prove an unhappy stage for mentioning their abilities.

For more information please feel free to give me a call.

Ray Fraser has been a professional spirit medium for more than 40 years, and has owned the Mystiques-West metaphysical center for 22 years. He is a published author with six mystery novels and a memoir in print. You can sample one of Ray’s short story mysteries by visiting: http://freeditorial.com/en/books/7671 You can download the story in most formats and it’s free!


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